Federal Spending Deal Keeps Medical Marijuana Protections in Place… For Another Few Weeks

Feb 09, 2018 , ,

After a government shutdown lasting only a few hours, Congress passed yet another temporary spending bill on Friday that will keep medical marijuana patients and providers safe for a little while longer. The bill includes the amendments that has been part of the spending budget since 2014, which prevents the Department of Justice from spending resources to prosecute people or businesses that are in compliance with state laws. This deal is set to expire on March 23.

Congress will need to pass another spending bill before then in order to continue keeping state medical marijuana programs safe. In the event of a government shutdown, there will be nothing to stop federal prosecutors from targeting medical marijuana programs around the country.

However, supportive lawmakers are using the temporary reprieves to push for even more comprehensive protections, including amendments that would extend protections to businesses in the adult-use market.

Please contact your lawmakers and ask them to support state marijuana protections in the final spending bill.


4 responses to “Federal Spending Deal Keeps Medical Marijuana Protections in Place… For Another Few Weeks”

  1. My cancer surgeon told me that medical marijuana saved my life, and there is no shortage of scientific evidence for its efficacy. It has been in use for all kinds of ailments for thousands of years, all over the world, which strongly suggests that it is one of the safest medicines known. It was disparaged and demonized by the newspaper publisher William Randolf Hearst, who had an interest in paper made from wood pulp, rather than from hemp, which comes from the cannabis plant —another of its many gifts. But it was quickly realized that there was many a parasitic living to be made from criminalizing it. The private prison industry is but one example.

    This is, and always was, an insufficient and ignoble reason for making this beneficial plant “illegal” — as if Nature Herself had made a criminal mistake! The demonization of marijuana, even for medical conditions, can be based only on ignorance, or else cruelty, which I despise.

    Therefore, I urge you to support the continued federal protections of medical marijuana and all those legitimately involved with it, in states, like California, in which it is legal.

  2. As a senior citizen with glacoma who is benefiting from medical marijuana after many years of eye degeneration without it, I thank you.

  3. Yea Jeff Session keep your fingers on to yourself because you do not know anything about medicinal effect. I know who are you protecting the BIG DRUG COMPANIES. YOU IDIOT. Amend this from government spending budget to STOP federal prosecutors targeting medical marijuana around the country. Instead do a real job for a change to express even more protection on what it can do to help the people you serve.

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