DOJ Task Force Recommends No Change in Federal Marijuana Policy

Aug 04, 2017 , , ,

A Dept. of Justice task force subcommittee on marijuana policy is not recommending any policy changes that would target state-legal marijuana programs or businesses operating in compliance with state laws, according to a report by the Associated Press. The task force asked for continued study and dialogue on the issue. The recommendations are meant to inform ongoing policy decisions and are non-binding.

Since August 2013, Dept. of Justice policy has been not to enforce federal marijuana laws against individuals or businesses in states that are complying with state medical or adult-use marijuana laws, provided that one of eight federal priorities is not implicated.

You can find out more about federal policy here.

8 responses to “DOJ Task Force Recommends No Change in Federal Marijuana Policy”

  1. Oh, For Crying-Out-Loud!
    Marijuana Has Been Used By, And Helped, Human Beings For Over 10,000 Years. What Do You Need To Know About It? On The Internet, Ever Heard Of The Website ‘Google’? Press ‘Search’. Then, Legalize It — Just Like The MAJORITY of Americans Demand.
    Your Old School, Worn-Out, 79-Year-Old, Marijuana ‘Reefer Madness’ Propaganda Is Laughed At, And Is No Longer Believed By American Citizens. For Once, How About Telling Americans Just The Plain Truth?
    My Ophthalmologist Says Marijuana Helps Me Medically Against My Chronic Glaucoma, Of Which I Am Going Blind. Ask Him. He’s An Expert.
    On The Other Hand, Pharmaceutical Company Executives ‘Push’ Opioids Poison To Young Addicted Americans Like It’s Candy — Even If It Kills 150 American Citizens Each & Every Day — In Exchange For Millions Of Dollars Of Pure Greedy Profits.

  2. Sessions is like a dog with a bone on this. I am glad nobody is listening to him but, then again, I really wish people WOULD listen to him and realize it’s time to make him leave office. He has no business making any decisions on something that he abslutely refuses to listen to reason (and scientific evidence) about.

  3. To Whom:
    I can believe drug companies would like to addict all of us on Opiates. It is then guaranteed they get rich, with the keep comin’ back mentality. That’s a phrase they use in AA. Keep comin back! I guess alkies like things they can just do, and get better. Or, to get a more managable life. I like the mind-set, That drug/alcohol addiction/ism is curable. AA tries to teach alcoholism is incurable. (If you’re are not drinking, you’re not addicted.) Or, cured! People can remember the problems drinking caused in their lives. That’s what makes us human, memory we can act on. Not instinct. Rational conscious thought. A human action…Enough! That’s how those folks sober-up. It’s not from the amount of meetings they attended. Those people decide not to drink. Give them the respect and credit they deserve. Some people have limited memory and do not see the problems they caused others, or remember the crap they caused everybody else. That may be from an unrelated problem of being self-obsorbed. Or, that is just another symptom of addiction, whether it be to alcohol or drugs. They are the same thing. I do not care what the old timers in AA say. Alot of the old-timers in AA think they are different than drug addicts. Sorry, alcohol is a drug and alcoholism is a form of drug addiction. Just the oldest form of drug addiction. Since it’s born.
    Also, self-centered people. Unable to put themselves in anyones shoes. Or, don’t see the reason. Think, it is a waste of time to look at something from a different angle. Or, just not able to do so, from being self-centered all their lives. Snobs. Their drinking is probably caused from this social division. They really think they are different or above most people. I have a relative that thinks they are just better than most people and do not think they owe anyone anything. Or, they think they don’t need anyone for anything. Some people need to be reminded, “We need each other!” Like it or not. It may take some people to fall on their face to see, or appreciate others. Not a one of us could make it, in this world, without the rest of us. It takes the whole group of us to make things work right. Some people do not feel right, unless they are helping others, all the time. That can cause other problems, when someone is not taking care of themselves, because of the work they do for others. If you are not taking care of yourself, you don’t have much to offer anyone else. When I got paralyzed, my wife spent too much time worring about what I need. She could not turn it off, until she lost too much weight and got sick. I have had to go into a rehab/retirement home, where I get a new “aid” every 8 hours/shift. I do not need 24 a day help. I just might need something in the middle of the night. Like a pain pill. I’ve got nough else…KK

  4. Someone like you should run for office.

    Also people of the First Nations used this for peace and to prevent war. So that they could think clearing. Not only does it help you think more clearly but it can help cancer patients with there cancer. Talk to a native to the Americans.

  5. Other than the Pharmaceutical Companies today and the cotton companies of the past, who are responsible for the classification of hemp(marijuana) as a class 1 drug. The main reason we can’t get it taken off as a schedule 1 drug is as always money and the fact that we have too many old career politicians who refuse to see the bigger picture here, need to retire. They have long since used up their usefulness and should retire and let fresher ideas and up to date on the new generations. This is why there should be term limits in all of congress to cut down on the career politician! Most of the men and women in Congress are too old and haven’t done very much to get anything done for America, because they won’t come together to do anything. Quit being so stubborn and pass something useful for a change!!

  6. Marijuana use would put and end to Opiod addiction, but ohhhh the drug companies would not make any money.
    Get real people, Marijuana is not a gateway drug, but prescribing opiods for pain is OK. REALLY

  7. Here,here,Much agreed,my great grandfather used it for his glaucoma also going back to the 17/1800s.Most of the medical community sees the usefulness of a plant based drug because of the evidence that it works.They are so quick to market drugs that are addictive, expensive with dangerous.It really seems to be a no brainer.Im voting for the candidate who sees the big picture.Wake up and smell the coffee folks.

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