Do the patriotic thing – join us at the Liberty Belle Ball on July 7!

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Marijuana Policy Project - Liberty Belle Ball at the Playboy Mansion

Our summertime fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion just got even more exciting. The Marijuana Policy Project and GreenLife Medical Systems present to you the Liberty Belle Ball where freedom is beautiful and victory is our goal.

Join us on July 7, 2011, as we proclaim our liberty from propaganda and blind acceptance of the status quo. We’ll rally together to declare independence from our government’s shameful bias against cannabis as a medicine, an industrial fiber, and an alternative to alcohol.

The Liberty Belle Ball is a celebratory show of force for common sense marijuana laws. Get your tickets to the Ball today, before the price increases on Monday, May 16. Visit for more details.

Part of the price of each ticket is tax-deductible, and 100% of the net proceeds will benefit our work to end marijuana prohibition in the U.S.
In other words, this is a win/win/win situation: You attend an unforgettable party, you receive a tax deduction, and you help change our nation’s absurd marijuana laws.

In addition to the Mansion’s famous attractions, the Ball will also feature a major music act, burlesque performances, patriotic body painting, a silent art auction featuring classic Marilyn Monroe pinup photographs, and many other delights.

Guests are encouraged to dress to impress. Those dressed as “liberty belles” will be eligible to enter a drawing for fabulous prizes.

Do the patriotic thing – join us at the Liberty Belle Ball on July 7!

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For information on group ticket sales or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lindsay Robinson at or 415-515-0450

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  1. I support MPP & many other organizations in the fight to legalize medical marijuana. I suffer from Lupus, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, NAFA liver disease(from medications)…etc. I’m on SSI & Food Stamps. If I could have medical marijuana I could stop the medications that are killing me. I cannot afford to support financially. When I see these flagrant efforts for support through Playboy exploits, it saddens my heart. The people you want to reach will not attend, nor will they offer their support because of the connections with the Playboy mansion. I wish there was another venue that you could choose. Only the very rich will be able to attend. And they can get what ever they want anytime they want. They don’t have to risk their lives or their homes to acquire low grade stuff to try and help their lives.

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