D.C. Marijuana Initiative Qualifies for November Ballot

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The D.C. Board of Elections has officially certified Ballot Initiative 71 for November’s general election. If passed by a majority of D.C. voters, Initiative 71 will repeal all criminal and civil penalties for the personal possession and limited, private cultivation of marijuana. Passage of this initiative will be yet another step towards sensible marijuana policies in our nation’s capital, so make sure your voter registration is current if you are a D.C. resident so you can vote “yes” on November 4.

Initiative 71 will allow adults 21 and older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants — with no more than three being mature — in their private residences. Adults will also be allowed to give away up to an ounce of marijuana, but any sales would still be criminal. The initiative would also remove penalties for using and selling marijuana paraphernalia.

D.C. law forbids imposing a tax via the ballot initiative process, so Initiative 71 does not set up a Colorado like system of taxing and regulating the production and adult retail sales of marijuana. MPP will continue to work with D.C. Council, the mayor’s office, and our allies to see to it that marijuana is treated like alcohol.

Adults should be allowed to use and consume marijuana – which is safer than alcohol – free from penalty, and responsible businesses and the community at large — not criminals — should benefit from the sale and distribution.

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  1. Initiative 71 will allow adults 21 and older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants — with no more than three being mature — in their private residences. – See more at: http://blog.mpp.org

    This is the best current legislation that could be the “model law” for The Nation…until cannabis prohibition is formally ended.

  2. This is great news for our elected officials in Washington D.C.!

    They and their children will be free from persecution/prosecution…don’t they help themselves?

    Hypocrites all…

  3. Two separate classes!

    Two sets of laws?

    The rich ruling law makers and their relatives in our Nations Capital are protected…while here in the heartland…straight to jail!…for the exact same behavior.

    The law makers make the rest of us law breakers!

    Who thinks this is fair or just?

    I call this hypocrisy foul!

  4. Who decides who can grow the cannabis that you may not… and who decides who you must purchase cannabis from?

    If you can’t grow your own , Prohibition remains in effect!

    Legal Gordian Knots are tightening by the day…until cannabis prohibition is actually ended.

    Cannabis is legal in the Free States of Colorado and Washington…why is cannabis not legal in your State?

    Is your State free or not?…call the people you elected to represent you and ask them?…if they don’t agree, vote them out!

  5. @eric k. johnson
    Take it easy there, Sparky. Most of the elected officials don’t live within the boundaries of D.C. They commute in from Northern VA or Maryland. The population of DC is heavily minority and is, according to Obama, much more likely to be locked up for recreational cannabis use.

  6. We must have a World Truth Commission, where people busted for cannabis will be freed, exonerated and compensated, and those criminals who instigated and profited from this evil War On Drugs shall be prosecuted, jailed and their assets confiscated and given to the victims … I came to this conclusion after spending two years writing a book about the freetown in Copenhagen and its use of cannabis… you might like to read Christiania Angel:

  7. i dont think this will pass in DC bacause its not got a control on what age a person can “give away” the ounce or less to, also who is gonna make sure the person giving it away “CARDS” the taker this initiative needs a lot more work to it like retail sales tax and regulate and have the store set up like liqor….i know spelling sucksss…stores here in Utah….they have guards at the doorway…they dont card you but they make sure the cashiers do also cameras are watching to…….the age limit MUST be taken seriously

  8. It has been almost a month since Washington DC officially decriminalized minor pot possession, which now punishes offenders with a $25 citation instead of criminal penalties. However, administrative officials say that tokers and not taking these tickets seriously, because so far, no one has stepped up to pay their fine.

    According to the DC Office of Administrative Hearings, police officers have busted 35 individuals for possession of less than an ounce of weed since the new decriminalization law went into effect in mid-July. But apparently, District pot smokers subscribe to similar beliefs as the majority of marijuana advocates across the United States who believe that penalizing a person, in any way, for possessing a personal stash of marijuana is ridiculous. This could be the reason the District has yet to receive a single payment from those busted with weed.

    Even the Washington City Paper, who offered to pay the tickets of the first five pot offenders in exchange for their story, says no one has taken them up on their offer. “We have gotten none so far — not one,” Editor Mike Madden told ABC affiliate WJLA.

    Before the law was passed, some District officials, including DC Police Union President Delroy Burton, argued that issuing citations for pot possession was a waste of time because there was no way to strictly enforce the law.

  9. Yo, Anonymous-

    Most Congress members might not live in D.C., but it is where they do the majority of their so-called work and spend a lot of time with their families in tow. And no one likes it when their office staff gets busted in mid-election.

    This also perpetuates the race war. With D.C.’s huge ethnic population, no one in the South is very surprised that the first mixed-race President seems to be turning a blind eye to the sights outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, while killing veterans and seniors and allowing storm troopers to shoot family pets and hold guns to the heads of small children in predominantly-white cities and states.

    Not my views, but after supporting his initial run, I have no use for this lying Choom Gang thug and his gun-running Attorney General, either.

    The drug war will not end so long as the body count is only growing on one side.

  10. Dogs: this is the closest weve been to legalization..it’s coming remember it was Obama in the White House when the major progress was made.
    Vote Democrat !!

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