Court Ruling Allows D.C. to Pass Marijuana Regulation Bill

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On Friday, the District of Columbia Superior Court upheld the Local Budget Autonomy Act of 2012, which 82% of D.C. voters approved in spring of 2013. Then, on Tuesday, D.C.’s Attorney General and Chief Financial Officer said they would not appeal.Flag_Map_of_Washington_DC

Now, instead of having to wait for Congress to appropriate funds to D.C., the budget will simply be reviewed in the same way as every other law passed by the D.C. Council. So, the appropriations rider that has blocked the council from making any improvements to D.C.’s marijuana policies will expire on September 30, 2016. This means that the council can move forward to determine how to tax and regulate marijuana and pass a law to do so this fall.

While Congress could still block a tax and regulate bill or a D.C. budget that includes funds for the regulation of marijuana sales, it would have to do so by passing a joint resolution in both houses that would be subject to presidential veto. Thanks to congressional gridlock and President Obama’s support for D.C. choosing its own marijuana policy, this would be much more difficult than simply adding a rider to a lengthy appropriations bill funding the federal government.

2 responses to “Court Ruling Allows D.C. to Pass Marijuana Regulation Bill”

  1. I really hope the Feds will legalize marijuana. I no longer need to take opioids because of this medication. I quit smoking 28 years ago so I make butter so I can make cookies. I NEVER want to take opioids ever again for my severe pain of rheumatoid arthritis. I’m sure I’m not alone

  2. So happy to know that you no longer have to take opioids. Creator has given us this beautiful natural medicine to help with so many different diseases and the horrendous pain that can come with many of those diseases. I know Veterans with severe PTSD that would give just about anything to be able to have the “choice” to at least see if “medicinal cannabis” (not the corner drug dealers weed) would help them. I myself have to deal with severe migraines, chronic pain from fibromyalgia, cervical stenosis and many other health issues. What a happy day it would be, to be able to stop taking pills that have so many side effects, and just have the need for a natural plant for pain control and healthcare issues. And that is what it is about. Offering a different alternative for the patient for their health issues. Not getting dark side of the moon high. But it is all about money, greed and power. Along with being very uneducated about cannabis and it’s history. I challenge readers to go to ( and read the article “Exposed: The TRUE history of why cannabis is a schedule 1 drug. Big Pharma, Dupont, Gulf and greedy DC’ers have had, and still do have, a big hand in the issue. I hope with all of my heart that West Virginia will finally get with it and pass the state bill on Compassionate Medical Marijuana. Because YES Melanie. There are so very many of us that would love to be off the merry go round of pain pills.

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