Corrupt Cops Busted Selling Improperly Seized Assets

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A Michigan man came forward this week with his story of police abuse, and unfortunately, it sounds all too familiar.

According to Rudy Simpson, police raided his home for marijuana based on an anonymous tip and a marijuana stem supposedly found in his garbage. The police found a quarter ounce of marijuana, 12 alleged marijuana seeds, and half of a pill for which Simpson produced a prescription.

Apparently, this was all the justification the police needed to confiscate three pages worth of Simpson’s personal property under Michigan’s asset forfeiture laws, including musical equipment, televisions, DVDs, computers, and other electronics. State law allows authorities to confiscate any materials paid for with profits from drug sales, based only on probable cause. No evidence was ever produced to link Simpson to any marijuana sales, yet his property was seized anyway. According to Simpson, the officers acted like “thugs,” eating food out of his refrigerator and trashing his home during the raid.

Unfortunately for the cops, they raided the home during a band rehearsal, and were unaware that the entire incident was being recorded. This included the police testing their vocal skills on the mic, then openly talking about which of Simpson’s belongings they and their team leader wanted to take! (Follow the first link of this post to listen.)

It turns out this particular unit made quite a bit of money by confiscating big-ticket items during routine, low-level drug busts, either keeping the items or reselling them illegally. The head of the unit, Luke Davis, is currently under indictment for corruption.

This is just another sad example of one of the more insane aspects of the war on marijuana users. Thousands of people have had their homes and belongings stolen by law enforcement, without due process, never to be returned. Some of these people were never even officially charged with a crime or were found not guilty of the charges, but in most cases, the police still sold the property and kept the proceeds!

We live in a great nation. We also live in a nation where the people who are supposed to protect you can kick your door down, terrorize your family, shoot your dog, and take your land and property — all because they think you have some plant matter that is safer to use than alcohol. And there isn’t much you can do about it.

This is why all Americans need to support ending marijuana prohibition: It is simply un-American.

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  1. It truly is mind-boggling. And there is no happy ending, nor will there ever be one. People don’t stand up for their rights, which will all be taken away little by little.

  2. and the pigs wander why some people shoot at them and the rest of the population fears them and gets nervous about even getting pulled over for a simple traffic stop, when pigs are allowed to get away this crapbreaking down their doors and breaking everything inside that they dont want to confiscate

  3. It sounds pretty criminal to me..Crime is often found on both sides of the law .I really do not understand why they care if someone uses or has a non toxic herb.

  4. Frankly,I think we should be planting it far as the eye can see for food and medicine and fiber for paper and cloth …But I think the public should own this plant, not some controlling monopoly or any one who may be controlled by any related monopolies. This, it seems is one of my biggest reservations about having it controlled by the same big industries who wish us to keep it illegal.Obviously because the state may be compromised by these competing monopolies we should not take comfort in knowing our products will come to us in altered states as did tobacco, which was served up laced with arsenic,pesticides and herbicids.For this reason I think the public should be able to grow and use this product how ever they wish so they can be assured of its purity.

  5. I guess in other words I no longer trust my government to deliver a safe non toxic herb that has not been altered or had any thing added to it or removed from it .

  6. These bums were a crime wave. Does anyone really think they just happened to be caught on film the only time they ever pulled such a crime in the public’s name?

    Yeah, right.

    In case you’re wondering about how much of this happens across the US, here’s a great tool:

    It is simply stunning how corrupt, criminal, and downright evil cops are if given half a chance — or when they are coddled by politicians whenever they want more taxpayer money to run their “drug war” on the rest of us.

  7. I WISH the Obama Administration, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr., examine the Constitutionality of Federal Laws, Enforcement and Prosecution of “The War on Drugs,” due to numerous documentations of Corruption by Federal Law Enforcement Officials and examine the evidence of U.S.,
    Human Rights violations, by Federal Law Enforcement Officials, against U.S. Citizens.

    May today there be peace within.
    May you trust your highest power that you are exactly
    where you are meant to be.
    May you not forget the infinite possibilities
    that are born of faith.
    May you use those gifts that you have received,
    and pass on the love that has been given to you.
    May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
    Let this presence settle into our bones,
    and all our souls the freedom to sing,
    dance, and bask in the sun …
    it is there for each and every one of you.

  8. @ Paul Tammaro, read the story on the first link. This case was already prosecuted, and Rudy Simpson, the victim, lost. The cops got an anonymous tip, supposedly (but probably not really) found a stem in his garbage, then got a warrant and legally raided his house. What happened next was definitely illegal, and I’m not saying it is right that a judge can provide a search warrant based on such flimsy info, but that’s what happened.

    What happened next is worse, since the prosecutors said he could either take a plea for the pill he was legally allowed to have, or they would bust him as a habitual offender for the marijuana and he would do 2 YEARS IN JAIL. To me, that is an equally horrible injustice.

  9. This will continue to happen as long as cannabis is prohibited. Sad but true. There are about a million people a year that have our constitutional rights stepped on and we will eat shit as long as govt is in charge of the people instead of the people in charge of govt. I am glad that the dicks have been charged with corruption but the judge is just as guilty.

  10. I wonder if the DEA knows that the majority off top quality cannabis comes from right here in the USA? Its a never ending war on its own people! There will always be a market for it, weather its legal or not because there will always be a “Use” for it. The real dangers are guns, alcohol, prescription/over the counter drugs, Justin Bieber, Fast food and the royal crown holder for the highest death rate every year. More deaths a year than all of the above combined……….Cigarettes!

  11. I’ve finally took the time and read all the details, and I’m stunned.
    This happened because those cops got caught, and that is not just an isolated incident.

    I’m not an anti-cop, but this has to stop and must be put in full reverse. Those who are responsible should get the same treatment and lose everything including an ultimatum that could put them in a deeper hole.

    Legalization including the removal of the “Control Substance Act of 1970” could seriously stop this madness.

  12. We need to get our legislators to dismiss the patriot act. Even tho something like a “patriot act” would sound beneficial to the American people, It’s criminal!

    The War on Drugs is a way of disarming people!!!! Remember this. Coming soon to your front door.

  13. Rephrasing my last reply: Those cops should also received the ultimatum that would put them in a deeper hole.

    It is a good thing that there were no killer cops involved.

  14. well all these things i am reading makes me re think about moving to the states because it seems like you don’t have any rights. Then its better to live in Germany where you are not GUILTY until proven. and where the LAW is on the public side not on the Goverment side…for instance there is a robber and he runs away from the cops and the cop shoots him without serious reason and can end up that the robber sue the police and that the cop is going to be prosecuted….

  15. Say good bye the America, the ememy within will destroy her and you.

    I have taken the oath to protect America against ALLenemies foreign and domestic. Have you?

  16. Thanks to those brilliant “zero tolerence” laws we let them shame us into. This is the type of corruption we knew was comming. Illegal search and seizure for them to bolster their “slush fund” is a recipe for corruption.
    Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor.
    Thomas Jefferson

  17. It’s amazing how corrupt police are. In Texas we have Kop Busters. I love that show. He has his shows on you tube. He sets corrupt Texas Cops up and then busts them. He is a former policeman.

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