Common Sense Meets Commerce in Subway's Phelps Ad

Jul 07, 2009

Kellogg's, Michael Phelps, Subway

Five months after breakfast cereal maker Kellogg's axed Michael Phelps as an endorser after a photo of him appearing to smoke out of a bong surfaced, Subway has released its first ad featuring the Olympic champion.

Not only does Subway's ad demonstrate an understanding that Americans care way more about Phelps' amazing accomplishments than they do about his very ordinary controversy, but it actually articulates that sentiment: "You can always be yourself at Subway."

Kellogg's apparently found it inconvenient that a marijuana user should also be wildly successful, but Subway's approach is far more sensible and smart. I mean, what kind of advertising honcho would recommend condemning an American icon for committing an act nearly half your target audience has committed?