Colorado NFL Player Suspended for Marijuana Use

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Even though it is now legal to smoke marijuana in Colorado, a Denver Broncos linebacker is facing a four-game suspension for allegedly testing positive for marijuana. Under the NFL’s substance abuse policy, players can face suspension and fines of thousands of dollars for using illegal drugs, including marijuana.

Von Miller

Von Miller, who was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2011 draft and is considered by some the Broncos’ best defensive player, is in the process of appealing the decision. He took to his Twitter feed to claim his innocence in the matter, saying, “I know I did nothing wrong. I’m sure this’ll be resolved fairly.”

Regardless of whether Miller used marijuana, athletes should not have to vehemently deny using a substance safer than alcohol or be dragged through the mud by the press and sports executives.

Mason Tvert of MPP commented on the NFL’s policy, saying “Obviously, we don’t see professional athletes being punished simply for having a beer or a glass of wine on a weekend during the off-season. So there’s absolutely no reason they should be punished for using a less harmful substance.”

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  1. Well. Even MJ is now legal, addiction will rise drastically. It may be less dangerous than alcohol or cocaine, still it still have chemicals that can devastate our body.

    As for an athlete, it is in their discipline not to use those kinds of substances. It may not show symptoms today, but sooner, things will just go worse and life is at stake.

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