Child Taken From Marijuana Using Parents, Murdered in Foster Care

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One of the more horrific examples of how the war on marijuana hurts families is making the rounds right now, and it illustrates just one of the more serious hypocrisies of prohibition.

Last week, the story broke that a two-year-old child had sustained fatal injuries at the hands of her foster care provider. After the parents were called to the hospital for the last days of their Alexandria Hill’s life, the death was ruled a homicide and the foster guardian charged with murder.

Alexandria Hill

This would be tragic by itself, if not for the additional circumstances surrounding the case. According to the parents, the child was removed from their custody because it was discovered that they used marijuana while the child was asleep. She was kept in state custody even after her father reported noticing bruises and other signs of abuse and neglect during their visits.

According to child protection services around the country, marijuana use is synonymous with neglect. There are a shocking number of cases where families are ripped apart because of a parent’s marijuana use, even in states where that use is legal for medical reasons. Marijuana is also frequently employed as a weapon in divorce custody battles.

There are many reasons to place children in foster care, but that placement should never put the child at greater risk. Responsible marijuana use alone is nowhere close to a good enough reason for inflicting such trauma on a family.

After all, this would not have happened if the parents were responsibly sipping a glass of wine after they had put their daughter to bed.

7 responses to “Child Taken From Marijuana Using Parents, Murdered in Foster Care”

  1. All, every single individual, all involved in the case from day one; all police involved in the arrest and processing of those parents; very much the victims here, all interfering welfare staff, every court official especially the judgess, all are guilty of that murder. Each and every single one of them

  2. Someone needs to take this on. I wish I could but I am tied up with other issues. So sad and so stupid. This is a crime and who ever made the decision should go to jail.

  3. It is my belief that the number one respondent is correct the real culprits are the ones enforcing these ridiculous laws laid out by some power hungry idiot in the first place and to take a child away is more horrifying to me than to see those idiots hung in the square like the old days. They are the ones responsible for that poor childs death. Stop all the bull and legalize marijuana for everyone. It has absolutely no effect on poor parenting and in fact it is my opinion that people have greater patients with the children when they are relaxed.

  4. Another horrific example of the single minded Authorities, and there stupid blindness towards a drug that should’ve legalized years ago.

  5. This is so sad, I here by stand that this child will be taken from custody of the parents for usage of illegal drug marijuana…few weeks later the kid is dead and so should all the other people that sentenced that child to be taken from the parents custody for smoking pot, fucking legalize gods plant all over the world allready

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