Attorney General Rescinds DOJ Marijuana Policy Guidelines

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded the Department of Justice policy that directed federal law enforcement not to target individuals or businesses that are in compliance with state law.

In a memo to federal prosecutors dated January 4, Sessions said, “In deciding which marijuana activities to prosecute under these laws with the Department’s finite resources, prosecutors should follow the well-established principles that govern all federal prosecutions. …. Given the Department’s well-established general principles, previous nationwide guidance specific to marijuana enforcement is unnecessary and is rescinded, effective immediately.”

From August 2013 until yesterday, the Department of Justice policy had been not to enforce federal marijuana laws against individuals or businesses in states that are complying with state medical or adult-use marijuana laws, provided that one of eight federal priorities is not implicated. A Department of Justice task force subcommittee on marijuana policy recommended in August that the policy described in the 2013 Cole memo be maintained going forward.

MPP’s Matthew Schweich made the following statement in a press release:

This extremely misguided action will enable a federal crackdown on states’ rights with regard to marijuana policy. Attorney General Sessions has decided to use the power of the federal government to attack the ability of states to decide their own laws. A majority of Americans support legalization, and Sessions has simply decided to ignore their views. In the states where marijuana is legal, voters approved those legalization policies at the ballot box. This is a direct attack on the will of the people.

This decision may very well lead to federal agents raiding licensed, regulated, and tax-paying businesses — these businesses are employing thousands of Americans and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue for public services including substance abuse treatment programs and new school construction. MPP will be pushing Congress to pass legislation this year that establishes marijuana policy as a states’ rights issue and prevents federal interference.


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  1. what do we do to stop this ,and I have never used personal demeaning language in this context before, backassed,simple minded fool from going forward. Is there a way 66% of Americans adults and 29 states to band together and stop this insane prosecution by personal inane inadequate and uneducated ambition. Justice is not supposed to be enforced by preference!!!!!

    • I agree with you. I think the main problem is that “the powers that be” in each of these state’s are just NOT listening to the people. The use of medical marijuana was passed in the state of Florida during the last election, however it is not available in all counties. The Governor here, (dumb-ass, do nothing, Rick Scott) is doing all in his power to make it as difficult as possible for Dr’s to be certified to prescribe it. All we can do is keep up the pressure and make some changes in the next election.

  2. I just did some investigation and have come up with this argument. The only reason that the US Congress can pass laws concerning marijuana is that it must be considered to be a commodity in interstate commerce (so the constitutional power to regulate commerce granted by Article 1 Section 8 is used). If the Cannabis is grown in California, processed in California, and sold in California; then there is no interstate commerce involved with this “commodity”. Therefore, it cannot be regulated by the US Congress and Federal laws should not apply to legally grown and regulated Cannabis. This would apply to large and/or small operations including growing at home. California State law should be the only thing that applies.

  3. Sessions is a clinton cronie and should be REMOVED from office immediately. And President Trump needs to stand up and back up what he said during his campaign, It’s Up To The States. States right to choose.

    • A Clinton cronie? He was appointed in 2017 by Trump. He’s a Deep South Republican racist from way back. Clearly he’x Being paid well by big Pharma. I read a report that a woman who only received relief from her pain was needing to pay $230/mo to obtain her cannabis. She said that when she had been on opioids, which did her no benefit, and comes with many side affects, that her portion of the copay was $1 /mo, the rest subsidized by the government. Here’s the biggest drug dealer on the planet—the US government, and Sessions is a very well paid broker.

  4. Sessions should be forced into retirement!! He wages a war on marijuana, an herb created and grown by GOD Himself before humans were created, but wants a synthetic fentanyl synthetic THC; fentanyl which kills on contact with a minimal amount, for “medicinal” purposes. I believe he WANTS people to overdose on opioids. I’ll take marijuana over that shit any day!! ALL you anti-marijuana people under 60 don’t know what your against, because marijuana, even with its side effects, is still safer than fentanyl synthetic THC that Session wants, safer than alcohol, safer than opioids; so KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU TALK ABOUT IT; AND KNOW WHAT YOUR SPEAKING AGAINST BEFORE YOU SPEAK AGAINSGT IT!!

  5. Jeff Sessions is from Alabama, you all knew that. What all here may not know is why the South is so slow and backward on reforming Marijuana Policy. The drug laws on the books are often used quite selectively against people of color and people who the “justice” system doesn’t “like” and wishes to suppress. Sheriff’s, Judges and Law Enforcement Officers have biases and can find ways to use a fair amount of discretionary power regarding what they choose to notice or not, and how vigorously they enforce a law or not. Overly strict cannabis laws can be and are used to punish those who can’t be easily caught or convicted for other offenses, or those who are simply liberal, immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ, or otherwise seem to stick up like the head of nail that needs hammering down. It’s the new Jim Crow, but it isn’t restricted in use to only racial discrimination and can be employed to hassle or hurt or take revenge on anyone or any group targeted. If your neighbor doesn’t like you because of any unrelated reason from how you park your car to the color of your skin, they can report the smell of weed and possibly ruin your life. Since a majority of people have tried or use Cannabis regularly or have family members who do, the unjust Cannabis laws with their overly harsh punishments are a powerful tool, ripe for selective abuse, for controlling people or taking revenge under the color of law and the appearance of simply being properly concerned about the rule of law. Maybe you all knew all of this already, but it explains how Jeff Sessions and others like him work to control us all for the benefit of their masters, donors, owners and those they are beholding to. Where I live, we see this from our District Attorney, from many of the powerful Sheriffs and the Sheriffs Association, from the State Police and many of the urban LEOs. It also explains why so many of the jack asses like Sessions come from States who were last to banish slavery, last to recognize civil rights, and historically have needed federal troops to force them at the point of a gun to adopt progressive ideas and give up their abusive selective exercise of power over those they wish to discriminate against for personal or political gain. It’s not about the harms of weed at all with most of these people, its about maintaining their ability to selectively oppress others, just as Nixon intended to do with using the war on drugs to control hippies and blacks.

    • Yep, it was my 20 year old punk neighbor upstairs that called the police because he “smelled marijuana and did not smoke it and was tired of smelling it”. He was pissed at us and in collusion with the realtor to get rid of us. The fact that any amount of marijuana in North Carolina is “unlawful” led to us having our lease terminated and costing us thousands to relocate. What a bitch these laws have become. We are moving to Colorado!!!

  6. Post here if you like, but do more good by going to and messaging Trump where you stand on his anti-Constitutional (the 10th Amendment), anti-economy (jobs, tax revenue), anti-compassion (the nation’s sick), anti-democratic (ignoring the will of the voters), and anti-American, treasonous Attorney General.

    We are millions, Sessions is one. Are we going to sit back and let one old relic from a bygone era trash what we the people have lawfully decreed by way of the ballot box? Tell Trump that unless he puts a leash on that pot-obsessed hyena of his, and fast, he’s going to have to answer for it in November when the voters in the 30 states where marijuana IS THE LAW go anti-Republican in protest, losing them their majority in the Senate and quite possibly the House.
    Don’t roll over and show your belly like a dog. Stand up against tyranny! Be the patriot the traitor Sessions is not! Act now, then tell your friends to!

  7. I am absolutely cured that Jeff Sessions should himself be rescinded as AG. I acknowledged his confidence in a courtroom and he is NOT the man for AG. This is a “little man” who has nothing more suited for him than to cause chaos and worry for those who have been fighting for the legalization of a moral and safe way to enjoy what happiness that’s left in life and for those who have found Marijuana as a helpful way to manage their lives while living with illness. We must continue to steer fwd in discovering the absolute GOOD and what waste there may be in the use of Marijuana. We are a growing country with new ideas and we do not let traditions fool us remaining stuck in the past. The future must provide hope and always be exciting. Let’s keep revealing the proof-AMEN

  8. While I agree 100% that marijuana should be legalized in all states, there is something that you need to consider. If the federal government did not have the jurisdiction over states that it now has, states could do whatever they pleased in many ways, such as completely disregarding federal pollution laws.
    The problem now is the Republicans who control the congress and the presidency. Also, for some odd reason, the Obama administration maintained pot as a schedule 1 drug, which is rediculous.
    Hopefully, all this will change with the elections this year, and with the next presidential election. VOTE…..VOTE….VOTE!

  9. Sessions , A dictator says that the peoples votes do not count in the United States of America Sessions says it is ” we the Sessions ” not “We the People ” The dictators says the people must take our Meds our man made drugs we must support Big Pharmacy . Their Darvon nearly killed me and prescribed by my doctors . There are so many prescribed drugs that are killing so many people and i am one of them. Sessions dose not care for us but he cares for the big Pharmacy and putting people in prisons while he dictates his way or no way .

  10. Charles Dobbs: What is your basis for the statement that “Sessions is a clinton cronie”? Sessions may have been Attorney General of Arkansas during Clinton’s term as president, but he has been carrying water for Trump since very early on in the campaign. I’d like to see your source of information.

    No disagreement, however, that he needs to be removed from office immediately! To quote the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Sessions is a “throw-back to a shameful era.”

    And…IMHO, Trump can’t remember what his campaign promises were.

  11. Medical marijuana SHOULD BE available to anyone who needs it in all 50 states!!!!

    Recreational marijuana also Should be available as needed and people in jails for having or selling marijuana should have their sentences DROPPED and should be released from jail!!!!

  12. Jeff Sessions aside from the ridiculous marijuana situation is an incompetent moron. I think he knew Marijuana would be any easy task for the freaks equate it with DRUGS, when it literally is a weed that will grow like dandelions in a back yard Married or not I am pretty old and if I had to venture a guess he is the guy in the bathroom looking for little boys. Maybe he would feel better about himself if he toked a little and came out of the closet.

  13. Sessions is a Clinton cronie? You should try pot instead of the crack you must be smoking, That lying, loud mouth, conman Trump needs to be REMOVED in 2020!!!!!!!


  15. the american people have spoken . we need to move beyond the days of silent films and propaganda and protect everyone’s reasons and rights. There are medically needing people who either live in serious pain daily or they go to Hydrocodone or deeper. The Canadian folks are laughing and eating the Gummy Bear alternative non lethal , non addicting canabinoid. I have such friends and they are in no way impaired unless the friendly whip of a sharp mind and equally sharp response when they hear stupidity being spouted.. Online has become unreliable unless the people making claims are forced to present an Identification. After that the silence can be deafening until people who know online but live in the real world come out and speak because they, like myself need no walls to hide behind. If Jeff Sessions rescinded which is what this says then it was a very well thought move to step backward after moving forward in haste. There will always be control of these items. Marijuana needs to be kept from people who cannot follow rules but there are so many people who need it. I am 60 and I have seen quite a bit in my lifetime. I have seen enough to verify you get what you give in the end. Step away from power moves based on political or other corrupt bases and just do the right thing. They have all the power to form a thing to fit all in need and in truth to eliminate other issues people have like PTSD . It is real and it doesn’t just exist from being in a fire fight. People in the world today have all makes and models some of which eventually get what they give in negative ways and move on to either growing up or dying by the sword so to speak. Trust me in 60 years you can see alot of assholes and I think the numbers of good folks are on the rise. Assholes are generally so busy hating they don’t pay close attention and by one poison or another like Arnold said they resign or be prosecuted. Opinions are free. I could be wrong but there are billions of me watching Mr. Sessions and no matter what foreigner logs on and spouts crap people are beginning to learn more of how propaganda works. I have watched it since the Cold war and it is easy to spot. You can paint a turd but it still stinks. I hope this somehow gives hope to the worried.

  16. Sessions first needs to educate himself on marijuana. Saying you can overdose on weed sounds SO IGNORANT. Just legalize it.

    • Overdosing on weed is the most hilarious & ignorant statement I have ever heard! If that is what Sessions believes, then he truely does need to be educated on it. And NOT from a damn book!! ( I’M ROFLMAO!!) I’m a baby boomer, & cannabis (weed) has been around a hell of alot longer than I or Sessions!! I’ve been forced to use different PHARMACUTICALS to deal with different ‘ailments’, & came to realize how much damage they were doing to my body, so chose to let them go. Marjiuana was voted legal for medicinal use in my state, but it has been 2 years & they still don’t have a dispensary, or a doctor that I’m aware of to try to get help!! And I think if the little weasel in Washington were ‘removed’ from the office he shouldn’t be in…maybe people like myself, & there are MANY, would be able to get what we need to live comfortably into our sunset, pain free!

  17. When it comes to cannabis, AG Sessions is delusional. However, he is not who we should focus on here. During his conformation hearings he was clear…It is his job to enforce the law, it is Congress’ job to change the law if they don’t like it. Our focus should be on Congress, and getting them to legalize cannabis. The Democrat’s are for it as are many Republican’s. President Trump agreed that medical should be available so I don’t see him vetoing a bill. The focus needs to shift to Congress and hold them accountable to the people. They change the law and there is nothing AG Sessions can do.

  18. Why use limited funds to disrupt legal commerce? Are the Cartels; their drugs and money preferable to tax income and jobs? Sessions is running a muck because Trump is afraid to fire him. If Sessions leaves, the next AG will have to look into Trumps personal finances and that will be a slippery slope for the POTUS according to the book “Fire & Fury.”

  19. I do not think this bill will ever be signed off on it may go into the books with the countless other laws that’s just pointless to pass.. Trump promised to protect our cannabis laws so.. if he never signs off on it thin it’s just a peace of paper in a book of laws that was never officially passed so… I would not start worrying to much but we do need to stop sessions

  20. I agree. Sessions should be removed. He is definitely retarded. We do, thave the funds to continue their Like I,g battle. We are going to keep using it no matter what so it needs to be regulated so we could get the right strain for the right symptoms as well as making money to boost our economy and pay off some of the debt we owe China. Who doesn’t take a golden lottery ticket? Only a complete retard named sessions would do that. That just shows how stupid our govt is and we need to do something to stop them. There time is ticking. The govt is getting weaker and if they keep up this nonsense we will end up like Rome. We as people need to rise up over the govt and take back control bc obviously they don’t have a clue what they are doing. I can’t get down to their level of stupidity. Stupid people make me furious and I want to do what I can to help fix our country.

  21. My father’s doctor said that cannabis is safer to use to treat his arthritis pain than is Tylenol. Sessions is living in the dark ages and all he has done with his rescinding of the Cole Memo is to piss off a lot of people. Let’s hope that our collective pissedoffness galvanizes us to take action. I have already contacted my elected officials to express my displeasure, and I voice my opinion on social media frequently.

  22. He apparently has the same strike back and lord attitude as Trump. He wants to strike back at those people who have filed suit with him over changing how marijuana is classed.

  23. I agree He Sessions Needs to go bye bye. If you can’t represent what the people say then go get a different job. We don’t need ya. You do need to get EDUCATED on cannibus. Its more of a medicine, less harmful than man made drugs that you support.

  24. Life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness , It was written and was practiced but now Sessions and his narrow minded backwoods buddies wanna change that . Wanna rewrite the constitution . We have got to get rid off him .

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