Athletics Update: UFC Punishes Fighters for Marijuana, Not Testosterone

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It looks like Ultimate Fighting Championship and the New Jersey Athletic Control Board have not caught on to the changes in marijuana testing thresholds proposed by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Fighter Pat Healy has been fined, suspended, and his win changed to a “no contest” after testing positive for marijuana after his victory over Jim Miller two weeks ago.

According to UFC president Dana White, his organization will continue to abide by the standards set by various state athletic commissions when it comes to drugs. He does not, however, seem overly concerned with testosterone replacement therapy, which, while legal, can significantly increase the performance of athletes. This means that it is up to state athletic commissions to heed the advice of WADA.

Pat Healy
Pat Healy

Healy apologized for the incident, saying he made a “very poor choice” and promised to “make a conscious effort to be a better role model within the [mixed martial arts] community.”

He shouldn’t have to apologize. Not for using a substance that is safer than alcohol and does not overtly enhance performance.

7 responses to “Athletics Update: UFC Punishes Fighters for Marijuana, Not Testosterone”

  1. I watch TUF, and see how much alcohol plays a role in the drama. Every season, we see at least one drunken FOOL……but smokin pot is a poor choice, and is not the role model image of a UFC fighter?! Not satisfied with Dana’s response. Straight driving people to drink. Reprehensible

  2. @Suzanne
    Perhaps I misunderstood but it seems to me you said that alcohol is a factor in irrehensible, foolish behavior, yet it’s still more irresponsible (in your opinion) for a role model to choose to use cannabis, which is by far safer than alcohol, both to the user as well as society.
    I fail to see the logic in that. Granted, no one with half a mind thinks we should encourage anyone, especially impressionable children, to abuse cannabis, but continually sending the (false) message that cannabis is dangerous while glorifying the use of alcohol does a serious disservice to our society as a whole, and especially our children. Education is the key to a safe and healthy citizenship, not prejudice and junk science.

  3. It is my understanding that if a fighter has a medical note / approval then it is ok for them to ingest cannabis and fight in the UFC.

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