Another Pennsylvania City Decriminalizes Possession

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Early this week in Pennsylvania, the York City Council voted to make the possession of small amounts of marijuana a summary offense with a maximum fine of $100 and no jail time. Previously, it was a criminal misdemeanor that carried up to 30 days in jail, a $500 fine, or both.

Imprisoning individuals for possessing small amounts of a substance that is safer than alcohol wastes valuable resources and can lead to a lifetime of harsh consequences, including denial of student financial aid, housing, employment, and professional licenses.

York joins Pennsylvania’s three largest cities — Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg — and twenty-two states and the District of Columbia, which have stopped jailing individuals for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Across the state, towns and cities are considering similar commonsense policies. The time has come for statewide decriminalization.

To get involved locally, contact the Keystone Cannabis Coalition. You can find some background materials on decriminalization here.

2 responses to “Another Pennsylvania City Decriminalizes Possession”

  1. I’d love to know how (the stipulations) and where marijuana is legal and how it is legal in Pittsburgh. It’s been a tough road trying to find out the details explaining those factors.

  2. would it be appropriate to lobby the fed constantly to reclassify medical cannabis to avoid all individual states from having legislation to usurp the fed from interfering with Mother Nature? Citizens being able to organize peacefully to use strength in numbers behind Senator Booker’s de-scheduling Bill? One decision about rescheduling mmj instead of 50+ decisions to avoid government intervention in receiving a safe option for so many medical conditions! Did doctors have to take a 4 hour course to prescribe unknowingly how it functions in your brain psych meds like Prozac,amitriptiolines,lyrica,neurotin,and Cymbalta that are helping fill jail cells with people that stopped their psych meds for whatever reason–causing patients to end up with a weapon and a half gallon of Vodka? The amount of inmates that ended up with incarnation because of abruptly stopping psych meds should be researched! Allowing corporations to own jails was not a step to help this madness.

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