25 Days Until Portland Considers Making Marijuana Legal for Adults

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In just 25 days, Portland, Maine could become the first East Coast city in the nation to legalize marijuana for adults.

On November 5,25 days voters will decide whether to approve a local ballot initiative that would make the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana legal for adults 21 and older.

MPP is part of a coalition that’s backing the local initiative (which is known as “Question 1”), and we recently made national headlines when we launched a series of ads on Portland buses and bus shelters that highlight the relative safety of marijuana compared to alcohol. Virtually every major media outlet in Maine covered the campaign, and when critics demanded that the ads be taken down, the state’s largest newspaper defended our right to display them.

We’ve made no secret of our plans to support a statewide initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Maine in November 2016 (unless the state legislature does so first). Passing Question 1 in the state’s most populous city will build an incredible amount of momentum and send a message that broader reform will soon come to the entire state.

2 responses to “25 Days Until Portland Considers Making Marijuana Legal for Adults”

  1. I do hope Maine will legalize before 2016, but it looks pretty inevitable that it’s going to happen either way.

    What still makes me smile is the prohibitionists efforts to make it illegal to oppose them publicly. Time was they’d just counter your message by saturating every communication platform with pro-Drug War anti-marijuana lies, but now they know that won’t work anymore and have been reduced to crying that their enemies shouldn’t be allowed to defend their point at all. Extinction burst? I think so! And a hilarious little tantrum it is!

    And yet more evidence that we are winning, that we’re not just at a point where we can have this discussion publicly but at a point where the truth is so powerful and so inevitably going to win over completely that they no longer have any way to push their point than to stamp their feet and squall. Imagine what they’ll do when marijuana is finally legalized across the board and their precious federal law and scheduling system go up in smoke? WAHHH!!


  2. I saw that Portland was putting pot legalization on the ballot and got very excited. Then I relized it was in Maine, but I live in Oregon. I guess I will just have to wait a little longer. Then again Washington State is only 20 min. away from my house. LOL !!!!

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