2012 Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users List Revealed!

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Today, we’re really excited to be announcing the final list of the 2012 Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users! Over 3,000 of our supporters voted to help us develop the final list – which can be seen here – so thank you for your input!

The final list is a combination of MPP’s 13 automatic qualifiers (including President Obama and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, among 11 others) and the 37 individuals who received the most votes from our list of 150+ nominees. We borrowed the great definition used by Out Magazine for their “Power 50” list to rank these 50 individuals by their “power to influence cultural and social attitudes, political clout, individual wealth, and a person’s media profile.”

It was really interesting to see who made the final cut and who just missed out. Actors made up 40% of the final list with 20 people, and Morgan Freeman took the #1 spot in terms of total votes, appearing in over 33% of the survey responses. Politicians, with 11 finalists, and entertainers (with 7 finalists, including Jon Stewart, who comes in at #7 on our list), rounded out the second and third place categories.

There were a few people who I thought would make the final list who didn’t end up making the cut, including Lady Gaga (#52), Glenn Beck (#63), and Wiz Khalifa (#86). These are some pretty big names within their respective categories, but they ended up missing out. It was also interesting that only five musicians made the final list; I certainly was expecting a few more (including the two mentioned above)!

Since this will be an annual list, we’re looking forward to seeing how much changes over the next year. There are sure to be some significant names who drop off the list, as well as new additions who either just missed out this year or weren’t even eligible yet because we weren’t aware of their past (or current) marijuana use.

If you haven’t already, check out the final list, and leave a comment below with your thoughts! Who didn’t make the cut that should have? Who do you think is most likely to drop off over the next year? Was someone not even nominated who should have been? We want to hear from you, so be sure to let us know what you think! Again, thanks for voting!

20 responses to “2012 Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users List Revealed!”

  1. How the hell could you put obama as number 1??? all that piece of shit has done since he got in office is attack our rights to medical cannabis! after promising not to use resources to go after state legal collectives he has unleashed the biggest war on marijuana since regan and the war on drugs!!!

  2. Paul, it’s like Time’s “Person of the Year”, it’s not saying it’s good/bad.

    Though yes, this list is total bullshit, and instead should focus on those actually doing something for legalization. That would cull this list to about two five people max.

  3. I think y’all are missing the point. This isn’t a list of the greatest advocates for pot, this is a list of the most influential users of pot. In other words, this is a list that should indicate pretty clearly who SHOULD be advocating for pot, but may or may not be. Thus, you can then pick out those who are genuine, like Morgan Freeman, and those who are giant fucking hypocrites, like Obama.
    Ie: The point of the list is to thumb your nose at the jackasses who have no principle while applauding those who accurately portray themselves with their actions.

  4. The list disproves the study posted on NORML’s site about marijuana use of people under the age of 18 negatively affecting their IQ permanently. Did all these successful people start using pot after age 18? Actors and musicians have to memorize huge amounts of lines for their screenplays or lyrics, plus cues for what to say when for actors and notes and cues for songs.

    I’d like to see the list expanding by categories based on gender and ethnicity, perhaps to a total of 200 or more. I know it’s a lot of work, but you could make a meme out of it.

    Make a meme out of it.

    Please see my crossposting on NORML’s site for the article about pre-18 pot use affecting IQ.

  5. Good job, MMP!

    We need to humanize what has been demonized.

    If you ever did the top 50 from the past, I’d nominate George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the thousands-of-years-old shaman mummy recently found in China.

    And as to the hypocrisy of those like Obama, we live in mean age of finger-wagging – especially about things that really don’t matter. These types will think they have to tow the approved line until we publicly live up to our own authenticity – proud, free, and honest, like citizens should be in a democracy.

    My quip: “Like President Clinton, I tried pot in the 60’s, but I never exhaled. “

  6. No, in Obama’s case it should be labaled as the “Most Hypocritical”, instead of the most influiencial, after all Obama is furthering this War on Marijuana Users allowing more raids especially of Medical Marijuana Dispenseries, yet he himself prowdly proclaimed he smoked marijuana and inhaled often which he “states that was the point”, you just can’t get any more hypocritical than that. Obama is now in a position where he could simply stop this insane war on Marijuana Users altogether ands allow people do put into THEIR own bodies what they believe is best for them, but of course he won’t.
    I have often wondered if Obama himself believes he would have been better off if he himself was arrested and incarcerated for simple marijuana possession and usage like he is allowing the American people to be. I would love for him to have answered that question on national television in front of all of the cameras for all of his followers to see and hear.

  7. This is a worthless exercise and waste of time.

    We should have influential people that will stand up as we stand behind them; to change the mind of those who have been brainwashed by the US Government!

    Obama said Legalizing Marijuana was not an important issue to him or words to that effect … he fails to mention the 12 million that are arrested each year as it is important to them and their families … if the police have returned the children.

    Simple Possession arrests are as rare as Hens Teeth as the police stack charges; reckless possession of paraphernalia; endangering the life of another when stopped in a car then arrested for DUI of a schedule 1 narcotic even if it was smoked a week before.

    Police setup checkpoints with their drug dogs (the OVERTIME paid for by the Feds) near schools and churches so anyone caught with so much as a seed and yes a person was arrested locally after a seed was found in his car, have the book thrown at them.

    Bail for MJ arrests are a big income generator; in my area I am unable to find out if the local LEO has a financial interest in a huge bail for MJ, reckless possession of paraphernalia.

    Welfare reform by arrest as once busted the grants for an education are gone; getting into any housing almost impossible; food stamps denied and the list goes on.

    If they want to enhance a MJ charge do so if a person has hard drugs while in the possession of MJ; I get pissed when a person does something really stupid and has MJ in their pocket as it hurts “Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens” just as Dr shopping hurts people who need narcotics for a legitimate sickness.

    MPP please change this to gather names of people with influence they will use to legalize MJ as I do not want to waste my time discussing a Drug Warrior … hell I wouldn’t piss on one if the hypocrite was on fire.

    We need a spokesman to appear on C-Span and other programs who has clout with those who DO NOT know the truth about MJ and Will be effective in changing the mind of the 49% that believe government propaganda.

  8. Terrible list and very hacky. Most of the people on this list don’t even have a good reputation. It’s almost like a case to keep weed illegal. Go ahead and put Joe Rogan at #1 and look to the future or stay the fuck out of the converstation.

  9. Thank you, this is a very interesting list. I loved many of their comments, especially those from Tommy Chong, “Legalizing marijuana means a lot more to me than just smoking a joint. I want to be able to use cannabis to treat my cancer without being arrested.”

    I can relate because I have an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer and it seems hell bent on killing me. Tommy, also include Stinging Nettle Tea and Small Flower Willow Herb to your protocol if it is prostate cancer you are doing battle with, otherwise, do your research using natures herbs. I love you brother, have since the early 70’s, you provided me with a lot of gut busting laughter, the best medicine in the world.

  10. Obama is a lying hypocrit and all those who believe in marijuana use should contact or write your representatives and keep this issue out front. We need to make this issue part of this election. It is an important issue. If you live in Georgia, there’s no use as sen. gingrey wrote me an email stating he didn’t care what voters wanted and would vote “no” regardless of what voters wanted. Democracy and constitution is dead in the water in Georgia. Maybe other representatives care what voters think and want. But with our representatives in Georgia, it’s easy to see why Georgia is the “stupid” state, and keep beating their own low score! Our state is in deep financial trouble and the marijuana vote could help put Georgia back on tract, but our reps don’t “care” what voters want and admit that they vote the way they want to, regardless of what voters want. I’ve written and am blacklisted since I don’t agree with them, but I haven’t given up . Other countries have weed on a class 2 list and have found a link between marijuana and a cure for cancer. Canadian scientists have called cannabinoids the “serial killer of all cancer”. Shame it’s on the class 1 schedule in the USA, so therefore we can only run the same 40 yr old tests as always, as it’s illegal to do these same medical tests in our country . Other countries have tried to tell the US for years that it’s something that could be the potential cure for cancer but with cannabis being on the schedule 1 list, the cure for cancer is illegal. The countries who discovered the link through medical research have extremely low cancer rates. The US doesn’t want us to know we could of avoided high cancer rates that hurt our healthcare system and caused our sky high debt. The US spends 12 million $$$ for each individual each year on chemotherapy . They say this caused the healthcare crisis. In Canada it cost less than 1 mil $$$ and when the thc cannabinoids were injected into the T cells in our bodies, in which fight off disease, it was discovered that the T cells multiplied and only destroyed cancer cells leaving only healthy cells. In 4 patients with various types of cancer, all 4 ended up being cancer free, and now, 2 yrs later, they remain cancer free. This test was conducted on people who had less than 6 months to live. It’s illegal to do this type of testing in the united states, simply because of the class 1 schedule it’s on deeming it of no medical value. So there is a cancer cure out there, only a cure for cancer is illegal in the united states. If we ever could get it changed to a schedule 2 list, then we could have a cancer cure. Urge your reps to get the classification changed. If they would of done this 40 yrs ago, we would not of had such a healthcare crisis, and so many lives could of been saved. This isn’t a political issue. Cancer doesn’t care which party it attacks. No matter what your party affiliation, urge your reps to get the classification changed. Then possibly we can find the same cure that the leaders of medical research are finding.. This isn’t the “get high” drug of 40 yrs ago. Now, cancer cures are coming from this drug. If you disagree, I urge you to educate yourself, as these claims are coming from the top leaders in medical research. They have almost no cancer in those countries . Their “cure” for cancer is 11 mil $$$ cheaper than our chemotherapy treatments each year in the US. We cannot do proper testing until we get the classification changed. Except in the state of Georgia, as our state leaders are aware of this potential cure, and 65 percent of voters want this changed, but democracy is dead in Georgia. But hopefully other states care what voters think, and we can get the classification changed in spite of Georgia politicians.

  11. this list is bullshit….the prohibition of cannabis is pretty well a world wide issue and 40% of the list are american media sensations?? what about the real activists? fuck obama

  12. wouldn’t the point of the most influential users of pot actually BE the advocates of said pot? I think so. What te hell have any of these people on the list done for mariuana, except laugh it off as a joke. Take Obama for example.. refuses to consider marijuana as a positive economic boost for our nation. Claims that the legalization of it won’t happen any time soon. This list is a mockery. I don’t understand the point, really. We should be putting advocates like Mark Emery and John Sinclair on this list, not these idiot politicians who are 100% biased and said what, 2 things about marijuana, and they’re applauded with top spot on an influential list? I think I lost respect for whoever put this together..

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