Will New Hampshire Republicans override Democrat’s veto?

Jun 21, 2012 , ,

It came as no surprise when New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat serving his fourth and final term, vetoed SB 409 today. Gov. Lynch vetoed a similar bill in 2009, and he has avoided meeting with patients who hoped to educate him on the subject, so this veto was unfortunate but very much expected.

Despite the governor’s opposition, this bill has earned majority support in both parties and both chambers of the legislature. All eyes will now be on the House and Senate next Wednesday, June 27, when both chambers will vote on whether or not to override the veto.

Fortunately, Sen. Jim Forsythe (R-Strafford) has refused to give up. He published a powerful editorial this week in the Concord Monitor, and he is still working hard to convince his colleagues they should override the veto and pass SB 409 into law.

The Republican-dominated House has twice passed SB 409 by better than the two-thirds margin needed for an override. The Republican-dominated House passed SB 409 in a 236-96 vote on April 25, with 97% of Democrats and 62% of Republicans voting in favor.

In the Senate, which was composed of 19 Republicans and five Democrats this session, 10 Republican Senators have joined all five Democrats in supporting the bill.

Unfortunately, one Senate vote has been lost due to a supportive senator’s recent resignation, so the outpouring of public support for SB 409 will have to continue for the override effort to succeed. MPP, Sen. Forsythe, and our team of allies have worked hard to gain additional votes in the Senate, and the fate of seriously ill patients in New Hampshire will soon be decided.

The plea of patients and their family members is simple and profound: “Don’t let one man stand in the way!”

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  1. Governor Lynch expressed concern over “sending the wrong message” and that teen use would increase etc. as his reason for issuing a veto. Teen use has DROPPED in most states that have medical marijuana or decriminalized.

    As far as sending the wrong message…Governor Lynch has sent a strong message that he doesn’t know anything about individual freedom…He has “concern” ? No he doesn’t, he’s a political creature that needs to be shown the door.

  2. I am Totally for Legalization of Cannabis – Period!
    But here are a few problems I see when trying to get Cannabis Re-legalized, Medical or Otherwise!

    Circulating petitions, it is difficult to get people to sign, Some think the State will turn those names into a “Hit List”, Targeting those that sign as “Users” or Possible “Growers”, Regardless whether they do or not, Just the implication could possibly cost someone their Job, (Unjustly Fired? Yea, Prove It!)
    I have met people that would NOT sign just for that reason alone, Even though they Agree it should be legal, Those are the percentage that will vote FOR it when in the privacy of the voting booth, We just need to get it on the Ballot, Then there is the Board of Elections, They will do everything they can to invalidate even Legitimate signatures.
    Another Issue:
    Federal Law, Why should they sign when the Federal Government will NOT allow it anyway? People consider it a waste of time to sign or even vote for it, and if it does pass we are just inviting the Fed`s in to confiscate all of a persons property and assets. In States where Cannabis has already been legalized for Medical purposes, They have already sent “Generic” notices to Property owners stating that Any Drug Violations concerning County,City,State OR “Federal Law” WILL result in “Property Forfeiture” and Possible “Criminal Charges” against the property owner. If you owned a building worth over $350,000, It would not matter how much “Rent” you were collecting, You would immediately kick them OUT! That is their plan, Go through the “Back Door” to subvert the will of the people, Government knows best? They sure think they do, Even to the point to nullify State Law, Voted on and Passed by the Voters.
    The Federal Government, Through the IRS, Reimburses employers expenses to Drug screen their employees, Plus “Tax Breaks”, That amounts to nothing less than Bribery! That is where “Spice” and “K2” have emerged on the market, they do NOT show up on current drug screens, HELLO! People are actually dying from this Crap! In over 3000 years of Cannabis History, Look it up! There has NEVER been any documented case of a Lethal Overdose, If it were not for Cannabis Prohibition, There would not be any demand for “Spice”, “K2” or problems concerning “Bath Salts”, Not to mention the “Black Market” and Crime associated with it. Also, Whether you all like it or not, Drug Dealers vote too and i cannot see even 1 that would vote FOR Legalization and give up most if not ALL of their illicit (Untaxed) income.
    I am not saying that the Re-Legalization of Cannabis will solve all of this countries Drug problems but it would be one hell of a Great Start! Not to mention an entirely new Industry using Industrial Hemp Complete with an untold number of jobs and Tax revenues and none of that even involves “Drugs”.
    The really scary part is how this country is proceeding toward a completely Socialist and Government controlled nation, Nanny State? We are just about there Now! Just look at New York, They are going
    for a 16oz pop limit? You have to be Joking! Just how far do they have to go before “We the People”do something about it? If this does not bother you, Just wait until they get to something you DO care about, Hopefully it is not too late and there is still someone around to stand with you!

  3. I’m total in favor of this for NH as a NH resadent I think its the right step Forward for the patients who need medical Cannabis. I would rather patients take medical Cannabis then pills that can hurt you or even come dapendent on but with that being said you still have to be careful with any drug. I have been to colorado and Iv seen what medical Cannabis is like in that state its is so social expectable that the state is making $$ and the crime rate for it has droped if NH could see this I feel like it would help out with how the economy is but thats just 1 NH resadent talking who knows we shall see we shall see

  4. this is no surprise. I expected this to happen. after all the hard work of our supporter’s gov lynch gets his way again…but we dont have to worry about him no more do we. so lets say good by to the worst gov nh has ever had.

  5. With all the hoo-haa about health care and the expense of Obama care, medicare and our failing government I have a not so novel idea. Why not legalize marijuana, tax it and use the proceeds to pay for a genuine health care reform act. Not only for medicinal purposes but recreational as well. The newfound tax base would probably fund health care for everyone. But this makes too much sense for the average political figure to grasp. Wake up Mr. Politician,,, The smoke you smell is not cannibus but is instead your political future and our once great country going up in smoke. I for one will never vote for a person with such a hard line stance or anyone who wages war against a plant.

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