What is going on in Montana?

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Last week, the House Human Services Committee, ignoring the will of the people, took the imperfect S.B. 423 and made it completely unworkable. Committee Chairman Dave Howard called medical marijuana a “scourge” and tried to get the bill as close to repeal as possible. We expect a full House vote as early as Monday, April 11.

So what exactly is going on in Montana? First, there was the initial push for repeal with H.B. 161. That bill stalled in the Senate, but was immediately followed by a rash of federal raids on medical marijuana businesses, which whipped the legislature into a frenzy to do something, anything, about this medical marijuana “scourge.” With full repeal supposedly off the table, S.B. 423 moved forward, which would have restricted the rights of patients severely and eliminated most medical marijuana businesses. When the legislature couldn’t agree on that, the full repeal bill reared its ugly head again. This time, it was approved by both the Senate and the House.

Now, Montana lawmakers are concerned that Gov. Schweitzer might veto the repeal bill, and are pushing an even stricter version of S.B. 423 toward his desk, just in case.

The bottom line is that everything comes down to Gov. Schweitzer. Since it is obvious that the legislature as a whole can’t decide on a humane and reasonable solution to the alleged problems in Montana’s system, we must ask the governor to support the will of the voters, by rejecting repeal of the medical marijuana law and proposing amendments that do not strip it of its substance.

Please ask Governor Schweitzer to veto medical marijuana repeal.

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  1. I tried to fill out the petition above but it gave me a page saying Internet Explorer could not display the web page. I wonder if the govt. is behind this?

  2. Committee Chairman Dave Howard is the “scourge” against the state. Why does he say that medical marijuana is a scourge when it’s the H.B. 161 and the S.B 423 that is going to create havoc among citizens?

  3. Any decent human being would not deny quality-of-life medicine to the sick and dying. Let’s hope the Governor is a decent human being.

  4. BULL SHIT!!! Just leave the 64% of the voters alone. Who died and made Dave Howard the dictator anyway? This makes us look like we have NO RIGHTS, at all. Keep your nose out of everyone else’s business anyway. I do not tell you what to do so don’t tell me what to do. If I go out and hurt someone, or smoke a hundred packs of of cigs in a day that is my fault and i accept my punishment. But for you to say that if I use cannabis I should be in jail.How many of your own relatives use cannabis? Do you want them raped in prison by murders over a fucking plant? Get real!! You are a worthless piece of human shit that does not even deserve to breath the same air as me. It is people like you that fill the ranks of hell. Repent and live as you would like to be treated by others. I hope all of you bible thumping do gooders get voted out next election. If you are not elected I hope you get fired when your new boss does get elected. I pray for these that this law will hurt.

  5. Can’t seem to connect directly to the Governor. Perhaps a conspiracy?
    What is wrong with these asses? Get out of my business. Montana prides itself on individual freedom till it actually on the line. We want to move to Montana, but please vote these morons out first.

  6. As Thomas Jefferson said “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Welcome to the United States of Tyranny.

  7. What is going on with MPP? They used to post 2 or 3 new stories a day. Now we’re lucky to see 2 or 3 new stories a week. I can’t believe the nation has run out of stories pertaining to MJ legalization.

  8. Mark H, I was wondering the same thing. It seems that after the Nov 2 California vote, MPP lost some steam. I hope that is not the case. Actually, the Cali vote was good for the future, full scale legalization of Cannabis. I hope MPP can post more stories too.

  9. I dont know the situation in Montana but if it has gotten out of control like in California were you can say i have stress and insomnia and get a MMJ card that’s a problem. But thats means you need to regulate it better. Only people who cant live without it should get it. Full on repeal is to extreme and goes against what people voted on. If people were sick of it and want it repeal then they would of said so. But since they do not this is facist at its worst. I hope your guys governer has some sense and veto’s the bill. Which I think he will.

  10. ‘like in California were you can say i have stress and insomnia and get a MMJ card that’s a problem’

    because stress and insomnia aren’t real problems

  11. This is typical. A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

  12. Sorry tommy, but you are wrong. Legalization is not ‘too extreme’ prohibition is. We need to abolish schedule 1 so that we can get serious about regulating harmful drugs and dealing with our drug problem in a meaningful way. Prohibition only leads to massive criminal profits, crime & violence. Criminalization of addiction I also the worst environment imaginable for dealing with our nations drug problem. It keeps those who need help silent from fear of prosecution. BTW, MJ is not a dangerous drug with serious addiction potential, it is BENIGN, and safer than many OTC drugs you can get at your local walgreens. But even if weed were as dangerous as heroin, prohibition would still be a bad idea.

    Go to http://www.leap.cc and listen to Peter Christ, or search youtube for ‘cops say legalize drugs’ and get a clue.

  13. Sorry tommy, I read ‘repeal’ as repeal of prohibition, not repeal of his mmj law. But your position seems to be that a well regulated mmj system is fine, but ‘repeal’ would be bad. A position with which I strongly disagree.

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