Utah lawmakers approve bill to make minor changes to medical marijuana law

Mar 14, 2019

Gov. Gary Herbert, Libertas Institute, medical cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Prop 2, SB 161, UT, Utah, Utah Medical Cannabis Act

Legislators in Utah have passed legislation, SB 161, that would implement technical fixes to Utah's newly adopted medical marijuana law. The bill now goes to Gov. Gary Herbert for his signature.

Changes include elimination of language that could be used to discriminate against parents who are medical marijuana patients and extending protections to family members of patients who are assisting their loved one with accessing medicine. You can read details about the legislation by visiting the website of our local ally, the Libertas Institute.

In the compromise reached before passage of Prop 2 last year, all parties agreed to wait until 2020 before proposing and adopting major policy changes to the Utah Medical Cannabis Act.

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