U.S. out of San Francisco!

May 06, 2009

Barack Obama, California, David Campos, DEA, Eric Holder, san francisco

Yesterday, San Francisco supervisors formally condemned the March DEA raid conducted against a local medical marijuana facility, Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic. In a 9-to-2 vote, the board approved a resolution authored by Supervisor David Campos that calls for the immediate cessation of such attacks on medical marijuana in California.


The resolution calls on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to provide clear direction to the DEA and federal judges and prosecutors on President Obama's new policy on medical marijuana. It also calls for the return of "improperly seized" property from the raids and the dismissal of all federal cases involving medical marijuana collective operators who acted in compliance with state law.

It's not surprising that San Francisco opposes the federal war on medical marijuana, but this casts even more doubt on the dubious DEA claim that agents raided the clinic in response to an apparent violation of state law. To date, there have been no arrests linked to the raid and no specific allegations about state law violations have been made.