Two Books You Must Read

Aug 01, 2008 , ,

Okay, “must” may be a bit strong, but before heading off on vacation for two weeks (and leaving you in the capable hands of my fellow bloggers), I want to mention two new books that deserve attention from anyone interested in marijuana and marijuana policy.

Despite the awful title, “Dying to Get High”  is one of the most interesting books yet written about medical marijuana. Authors Wendy Chapkis and Richard J. Webb focus on the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), a patient-run collective in Santa Cruz, Calif., that was the subject of a notorious federal raid in 2002. But they also take a broader look at the issue, including how modern medicine evolved its current distaste for “crude plant products,” as medical marijuana is sometimes termed.

Also worth a serious look is “The Science of Marijuana” (second edition) by Leslie L. Iversen. Iversen, an Oxford University professor of pharmacology and member of the British government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, gives a thorough and thoughtful overview of what science knows about marijuana and cannabinoids — not a brief for any side in marijuana policy debates but a solid, straightforward review of the data, in reasonably non-technical terms. If you’re attracted to the idea that policy should be based on actual facts, “The Science of Marijuana” belongs on your shelf.

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  1. You guys need to collect all the available data and medical studies on marijuana and condense it into 1 book edited by 10 PhD’s/MD’s, and have this available for downloading/printing, and put it in print too, so that legislatures have something to look at when making decisions. JUST THE FACTS.

  2. Hi MPP,

    Thanks for all your hard work. I think y’all are doing a great job, and I stop in regularly to see what’s up.

    2 QUICK IDEAS to help push Medical Marijuana (deal with the larger stuff later):

    1. Separate Website tracking our elected officials and their stances on medical marijuana, including their official positions on medical cannabis (if they have one), voting records, etc…AND tracking the media’s coverage of MMJ, which has been recklessly biased for far too long (make their reputation suffer for printing lies; track the media’s lies, PUBLICIZE the media’s lies).

    I think we need to start leveraging ALL the liars, fools and crooks by publicizing their ignorance.

    You know, put the kinda pressure on ALL of our lawmakers that Bob Barr got years ago, after his one-man DC show. (i am glad Bob reexamined mmj, liberty, etc…). PUBLICIZE THEIR REEFER MADNESS, so they think twice about spouting ignorant slop.

    2. Buy LARGE amounts print space in the larger papers and logically lay out the SCIENTIFIC and MEDICAL case for med marijuana: the corrupt beginnings of cannabis’ laws; the medical/scientific support; the research; the endocannabinoid system, etc…

    Your TV ads are good — especially the one with the MN sheriff — but some people might feel a little manipulated because they are so intense (they make me ball, but other people might dismiss them).

    But the fools and crooks have a much harder dismissing the ACP, APHA, NEJM, and all the history, science, research, etc…Both types of PR/Advertising are effective, but I think a lot of people need to have the facts bombard them constantly, to help counter their cannabinoid deficiencies & ondcp/dea propaganda.

    Again, I think you guys are already doing a great job with most of this already. Thanks for considering the suggestions (i don’t know how much print space costs these days versus TV ads; so my idea may cost too much. Feel free to drop me an email back, if you have the time. )



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