That “Other Stuff” in Marijuana

Feb 20, 2009 , ,

One of the arguments regularly raised against medical marijuana is that THC is available in pill form, so — according to the Drug Enforcement Administration and other opponents — patients don’t need that nasty weed, which has all sorts of other stuff in it.

The problem with that argument is that some of that “other stuff” is really useful, not to mention remarkably safe.  For example, an article recently published onlineby the journal Phytotherapy Research reviews the many beneficial effects of a less well-known marijuana component known as cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD, the article notes, “displays a plethora of actions including anticonvulsive, sedative, hypnotic, antipsychotic, antiinflammatory and neuroprotective properties,” while being “well tolerated in humans, with a profile of very low toxicity and devoid of psychoactive and cognitive effects.”

Indeed, CBD seems to counter some of the unwanted effects of pure THC, which in some people can include increased anxiety or the aggravation of a pre-existing vulnerability to psychosis.

Maybe some day human researchers will manage to improve on the natural properties of the marijuana plant, but they haven’t done so yet.


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  1. Why try and re-create cannabis as is anyways? It’s already perfectly useful in its natural form.

    Oh yeah, that’s right. You can’t patent a plant.

    “The DEA helped facilitate the research on Marinol.”

    Hilarious. Only it’s not, because the DEA are killing people indirectly as we speak.

    Good work, guys!

    Everyone write a thank you letter to the DEA for their hard work. Thank them for the slap in the face they so lovingly provided to millions of patients everywhere.

    What a joke.

  2. That argument that there’s Marinol is sign they’re running out of arguments. They’re getting closer and closer to telling the truth, “But what of the pharmaceutical industry!” Well what of them? I commend their efforts at providing drugs for the health of the nation, but I also don’t feel any sympathy for them losing sales. They’ve been more about “money money money” than about “health health health” in my opinion. Let medical marijuana be a lesson to them, and especially the cancer industry. They refuse to except marijuana _might_ just be a cure for cancer. They’ll be refusing it till there are no more cancer patients taking chemo.

  3. Hate to pick nits, but how can CBD be “sedative, hypnotic, antipsychotic” without having psychoactive properties?

    Few things bother me more than materials written or spoken by our side that seem absurd on the face of them. I was at a meeting of activists just the other night when the chair-woman of the meeting made the unqualified claim that “Marijuana cures cancer.” Come on folks, lets keep this within the bounds of reason.

  4. i just laugh because we have answers to all their stupid accusations. when are they going to “protect and serve” instead of “search and destroy”?! i mean what is the “leg” they stand on?! we have, Doctors,Judges,Police,Firefighters,Military,and Presidents who have smoked marijuana! what’s the deal?!

  5. Haha my last statement can be read at least two ways. snap, totally unintentional. Oh and for the naysayer, want to make a bet? I’ll bet that not only is marijuana a cure for cancer, but also that it is an anti-depressant, and also that it is a pain reliever, and also that it is a nausea reliever, and also that it can feed millions. I’ll even bet you that it was once called the “Billion dollar crop.” But you can just look that one up… or wait, you can look all of this up and see for yourself. You’re behind on your studies! You better get to reading.

  6. “Hilarious. Only it’s not, because the DEA are killing people indirectly as we speak. ”

    What do you mean “indirectly”..?

  7. I think he means the fact that the DEA has been interfering with medical marijuana patients’ supply indirectly causes unnecessary strife and bad health for the patients, ultimately ending the patient’s life prematurely. This can be very deadly for someone with depression, and most severely ill patients do experience depression. That’s what is so beautiful about marijuana; it treats multiple conditions.

  8. For those of you wanting proof that Hemp Oil kills cancer cells safely as seen under microscope, please visit, sethgroupdotorg, (spelled out so it would post here.) Hemp Oil is a known cure for cancer and patient documentation can be seen at, phoenixtearsdotca. Now, how much more proof does one need to accept the fact that hemp oil and other forms of marijuana does kill cancer?

  9. Smoking marijuana is only a small part of how marijuana benefits it’s users. Benefits of smoking marijuana are different from hemp oil, which is ingested. Smoked forms of medicinal marijuana has many benefits but once the fire burns the marijuana so are many cannabanoids that kill cancerous cells safely. It’s my belief that many people simply haven’t done their homework in order to fully understand the complete benefits that can be derived from marijuana. Americans are so uneducated on this subject that all they, DO, understand is the non-medicinal information on personal use of MJ, in my opinion. Get your information from a reliable source like the marijuana programs of Israel. Doctors, scientist and engineers in Israel have got it right from attitudes to media coverage to assist patients. Our American system would do well to copy the progams already in place in other countries.

    Has anyone ever given thought to the fact that legalization of marijuana will always be a battle even after it’s legalized. People in America are just to politically motivated to the tune of allowing the sick and dyeing to suffer. Damn all opponents of medicinal marijuana to hell to never be allowed the life saving benefits of marijuana!

  10. I’m a bit confused. The argument stands that marijuana has no medicinal value whatsoever. This is one reason it remains illegal and in the “class” that it is in. Why would one simulate a drug that supposedly has no medicinal use, and prescribe it as a medicine? I don’t think their even concerned with sounding plausible anymore.

  11. What’s really silly is that natural cannabis is a far better drug than Marinol. How do I know? Unfortunate circumstances left me without the ability to use cannabis. It worked well for several decades for a variety of symptoms related to a spinal injury.

    So now I’m on Marinol. Yeah, it works, sorta. It helps with the pain, but does NOT help much with inflammation, spasticity, with tremors, with tinnitus, I could go on…

    Why is that? Because marinol is only THC. The many other constituents in natural cannabis have a much wider spectrum of activity.

    The irony? The primary psychoactive part of natural cannabis is THC and is available legally in Marinol. The _non_- psychoactive parts of natural cannabis are NOT available EXCEPT in natural, but illegal, cannabis.

    On top of that, Marinol is less than half as effective as natural cannabis in pain relief and costs from 3 to 5 times as much as natural cannabis — or way more if you grow your own. Chalk up another one for the DEA. They’re just acting as a protection racket and price support mechanism for the drug industry. Given the choice, almost all patients would prefer natural cannabis. Keeping it illegal does nothing to keep cannabis from anyone. However, it does keep medical cannabis patients from getting a legal supply of cheaper and more effective cannabis.

  12. When is someone going to challenge the FDA to remove marijuana from Schedule 1? Until then we may never know the full extent of the medicinal value of marijuana .

  13. Bitslicer,
    Unfortunately the FDA has nothing to do with the Schedule One classification of cannabis. That’s the DEA’s ballpark and they’re stuck squarely in Crazyville.

  14. I am fortunate to live in California which is at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement in the United States. I was very excited today to see that a congressman is introducing a bill in the California state congress to legalize and tax marijuana here.. hopefully if this happens it will convince the DEA to move marijuana to schedule 1. At this point I am growing very weary of our society, there are so many problems with the economy and growing misery and yet i have to go pay ridiculous prices to buy a plant from dispensaries as well as drive 45 minutes to an hour as dispensaries are banned in my county. I long for the day when I can go to a local liquor store or some other store and just buy high quality marijuana for the price of cigarettes.. which it should be if its legalized. It is insane that we as a society are accepting of such a clear violation of individual rights, until marijuana is legalized I can’t say that I am proud to live in America but if it does become legal I think we will be sending a message to other countries that we are not afraid to admit that we were wrong about something in the past as the prohibition of marijuana has undoubtedly caused a great deal of violence and misery for many people.

  15. mkp, if Monsato could they would buy every pourveyor of Marijuana seeds there is…They are not patenting the plant in itself, it’s the genetic modification introduced in the seeds…By buying banks of privately owned natural seeds and then modifying them, they get patents and the control over what our farmers can grow…because the natural seeds would’nt be for sale anymore…

  16. CBD or Cannabinoid levels are found to be higher in Indica strains and it is believed this is what makes these much more relaxing, also causing couch-lock sometimes. They are relaxing but I don’t think their “devoid” of effects.

  17. While I am aware and supportive of the many benefits shown in medical marijuana, I highly doubt cannabis can cure cancer. It can make the disease and the other treatments for it more bearable, but it does not cure it. I’m pretty sure Bob Marley would agree. We will only gain ground in the fight for decriminalization/legalization if we use science, reason, and intelligence in our arguments. Let’s not resort to the baseless statements and exaggerations that we bemoan of the “other side.”

  18. marijuana is a scourge…what the fuck was God thinking when he invented that poisionous plant. marijuana, like alcohol & tabacco, ruins lives. i favor capital punishment of those involved in the illegal sale of marihuana, and life imprisonment of those caught abusing the illict & addictive cannabis.

  19. “Maybe some day human researchers will manage to improve on the natural properties of the marijuana plant, but they haven’t done so yet.”

    This seems like a really dumb statement to make. Humans have been selectively breeding plants and animals for a long time.

  20. CBD or Cannabinoid levels are found to be higher in Indica strains and it is believed this is what makes these much more relaxing, also causing couch-lock sometimes. They are relaxing but I don’t think their “devoid” of effects..

  21. Marijuana does indeed have significant benefits for life, and lifestyle enhancement and longevity. If we examine the 10,000 plus year relationship between man and plant, and the fact that in all likelihood cannabis was the 1st domesticated plant as it provided food, fiber and medicine in one plant, we can begin to realize how much we have forgotten. Just the fact of such an ancient and unique bond that we share together with this miracle plant is proof that it has been extremely important to humanity for a very long time. Despite a nearly hundred year attempt at suppresion of the use and knowledge of the plant, it thrives. A body of medical evidence is being compiled despite a deliberate attempt at squelching all research into the plant, and this body of evidence is predominantly very positive. If this were to be any other plant, say an unknown species found in a hidden valley, the medical community would be off the chart with headlines . Wikipedia has some very good attributed links if you need more information on cannabis’s anticancer properties. It is amazing to think that we are fighting our own government to use and own a plant our ancestors held above all others. Governments may come and go, but one plant has remained and will remain humanities best friend. The future is ours if we want it, take the time to let the media and the government know how you feel about re-legalizing this plant. Do it soon and do it often. It is the rain that wears down the mountain.

  22. Why isn’t this on TV

    How are we as a country going to get up to date in the medical field if the Government continues with its “War on Drugs” targeting the marijuana issues. The disease we are fighting is CANCER. It was found by research that it battles cancers.

    The war is a peaceful one by the people, we are trying to peacfully resolve the war with the People of God versus the United States Government and local state, county, and city governments.

    Why do they continue to ignore the response of the American People?

    It is the duty of every free American to end this violation of Gods law and the law of this nation.

    Specifically, the law that govern the use and aquisition of cannabis sativa, and herb declared by scientist, that bears seed. Now I would refer you to the scriptures reguarding the origins and uses by man; Genesis chapter 1 verses 29 and 30:

    29 And God said, Behold, I have given you everyherb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yeilding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

    30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

    This is God’s LAW and man has violated that law by incarcerating and killing people for using an herb that God made and placed in the Garden of Eden to help mankind get along and live long lives.
    Cannabis sativa was developed by God.

    Who is so blind that they cannot see the results of taking an intricate part of our DNA. There are THC receptors built into our systems, and when you take that natural process out you shorten the life.

    Look at what you learn from scientists.

    Now is the time to make reparation to these people that have been violated by the Law.

    Repentance proceedures, as set forth in the Bible are expected by the People of God, to the U.S. Government for this clear violation.

    The Laws governing cannabis sativa were done so by perjurious information, citing specifically the lies made popular by the movie “Reefer Madness” produced and developed the U.S. Government. The Leguardia report stated the real scientific results and yet the information being sent to mainstream America were complete lies.

    And now we see the results of the U.S. Government trying to keep the one thing that supresses violent tendancies of mankind.

    The results are a scourge upon the earth that we know as CANCER. What will stop it is simple. My words are simple.

    Legalize Marijuana NOW or the scourge will be tenfold, Thus Saith The Lord.

    Now is our time to make the reparations necessary for humanity to enjoy the real freedom that one has in life if their diet is in direct relation to what we learn in the Scriptures from God.

    Those who oppose on this issue oppose also God, I’m merely a messenger.

    Forward to 3 friends and President Obama

  23. I’m impressed with a lot of the comments here and would like to ask everyone WHY are people so damn stupid that they can not see the truth about marijuana? It’s not hard to see, even if you’ve never tried it. Almost anyone that isn’t narrow minded about cannabis can hop on the internet and find the truth. It’s just a matter of time before it gets legalized.

    The one thing that makes me angrier than the bastards enforcing these bullshit laws are the idiots that are brainwashed with propaganda and without any political agenda of their own, continue to spew the same old ridiculous shit. Are you guys trying out for the DEA or what? It’s almost funny, but its not, more people are effected by this prohibition than these ignorant people can see. The amount of stupidity is truely and utterly amazing. People do not have the slightest clue about marijuana history, culture, medicinal purposes and how can they when marijuana is prohibited? I can’t wait till real research is done on it’s anti convulsant properties as it pertains to my brothers epilepsy. The side effects of the anti convulsant meds compared to marijuana are extremely HIGH. natural is better in a lot of ways.

  24. i love weed help legalize it every body the plant is so good im high rite now lol well we all need to smoke weed

  25. I’ve noticed that some commentators here have discouraged the notion that cannabis has any cancer fighting properties, citing such claims as baseless.

    These claims are actually derived from scientific research. Seriously, check out Dr. Manuel Guzman’s work on this at the Complutense University in Madrid. He did some studies in which cannabinoids reduced and even outright destroyed brain cancer cells in rats that were considered to be clinically inoperable. I’ve read of this research in Nature Reviews, as well as a few other credible, peer reviewed scientific publications.

    The US administration has been wise to the cancer fighting potential of cannabinoids for over 30 years now. In 1974, the Virginia Medical College conducted a study in attempts to show that cannabinoids cause immune damage. Instead, they wound up accidently killing some lung cancer. I believe the study appeared in only one medical journal, and was otherwise shelved.

    Anyway, cannabinoids do this by inducing apoptosis (cell destruction) in cancer cells, while leaving normal, healthy cells intact (some research even suggest it promotes healthy cell growth). They also inhibit angiogenesis in cancer cells, meaning they cut off their blood supply.

    Let’s take this information seriously, as at this point, it’s FAR more baseless to denounce cannabis as an anti-cancer than to promote it as such.

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