Texas Special Legislative Session Begins, Med. Marijuana Bill Introduced

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Texas legislators are back in Austin for another round of policy considerations, and Rep. Eddie Lucio III has introduced HB 85, a medical cannabis improvement bill. This proposal would allow some patients to access whole plant cannabis, including those with terminal cancer, multiple sclerosis, autism, or Parkinson’s Disease.

This bill is more restrictive than the bill introduced during the regular session, but it would still be a major step forward for many seriously ill patients. Currently, the Compassionate Use Program only allows those with intractable epilepsy access to low-THC cannabis. Texas cannabis businesses are expected to be operational by the end of the year.

This will be a very politically charged special session, established to address a specific list of issues that Gov. Greg Abbott and other Texas conservatives consider priorities.

2 responses to “Texas Special Legislative Session Begins, Med. Marijuana Bill Introduced”

  1. I don’t think Congressman Lucio realizes how many crippled Texans there are who are forced to deal with extreme leg spasms all day and night long, and they push every kind of pain killer and muscle relaxer on us to give us relief. But all they need to do is make sure those hurting from these terrible leg spasms (think Charlie-horses all day long, okay?) in Texas from medical conditions, from car accidents, from war wounds, civilians and veterans like myself one and all. All across the country the crippled, (paraplegics), using medical cannabis are reporting they get safe, fast total relief for the first time in their lives using medical cannabis. So why exclude them unless you are anti-veterans, and not caring about this horrible suffering.

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