Texas Dept. of Public Safety Proposes Unworkable Regulations, Fee Increases

Oct 28, 2016

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Regulators at the Texas Department of Public Safety recently proposed outrageous amendments to their medical marijuana rules, including fees and reporting requirements would all but ensure the program could not operate.
Under the proposed rules, application and licensing fees for the first 24 months would go from $12,000 to over $2.25 million! While the Texas Department of Public Safety2pfubawj has presented a sensible approach to regulations until now, this shocking increase is simply unknown in any other medical marijuana state. The program, already limited to low-THC cannabis for seizure patients, simply couldn’t sustain its own burdensome costs. Critically, even if it could operate, patients could not afford the medical marijuana such an over-burdened system would produce.

In addition, cultivators would also be required to comply with federal laws related to interstate transport, despite the fact that all medical marijuana is federally illegal.

State bureaucrats should not be allowed to deny access to medical marijuana to patients they are supposed to help. If you are a Texas resident, please contact your lawmakers and other public officials and tell them not to support this outrageous fee.