Teen Marijuana Use Continues to Rise

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Marijuana use by 8th, 10th and 12th grade students increased in 2010, with more American teenagers now using marijuana than cigarettes for the second year in a row, according to numbers released today by the National Institute of Drug Abuse and the University of Michigan as part of the annual Monitoring the Future survey. In 2010, 21.4 percent of high school seniors used marijuana in the last 30 days, while 19.2 had used cigarettes.

“It’s really no surprise that more American teenagers are using marijuana and continue to say it’s easy to get. Our government has spent decades refusing to regulate marijuana in order to keep it out of the hands of drug dealers who aren’t required to check customer ID and have no qualms about selling marijuana to young people,” said Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project. “The continued decline in teen tobacco use is proof that sensible regulations, coupled with honest, and science-based public education can be effective in keeping substances away from young people. It’s time we acknowledge that our current marijuana laws have utterly failed to accomplish one of their primary objectives – to keep marijuana away from young people – and do the right thing by regulating marijuana, bringing its sale under the rule of law, and working to reduce the unfettered access to marijuana our broken laws have given teenagers.”

Since the survey’s inception, overwhelmingly numbers of American teenagers have said marijuana was easy for them to obtain. According to the 2010 numbers, the use of alcohol – which is also regulated and sold by licensed merchants required to check customer ID – continued to decline among high school seniors.

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  1. Oh oh. Brace yourselves. Just last night Gwen Ifil on the PBS News Hour said something about how an upcoming show would have a report on “teen drug use.”

    Given their last corrupt story, from Colorado I think — where they continued to pan LEAP — they spoke with lots of Drug Warriors who were as hard hearted and hard headed as ever.

    So I do NOT have the slightest notion this upcoming report from them will be anything but evil govt. propaganda. No comparisons to Portugal, no analysis of the DEAs and DAREs abysmal track record. Only moronic statements like “giving in,” and “waving the white flag,” and “opening the floodgates.”

    The News Hour’s standards have fallen off the chart! They used to actually have a balanced discussion, but not when it comes to the Evil Religion of Drug War.

  2. This will be spun by prohibitionist as another reason why cannibus should never be legal. “Just think how many more teens would do POT if it were legal.” It will make sense to the masses who know not how to think for themselves and therefore any substantial ballot initiative will be voted down, thanks to the results in studies like this.

  3. It’s also because teens realize that tobacco is harmful, and they are lied to by the government into fearing marijuana, which has the OPPOSITE effect. They don’t realize all these kids have YouTube and don’t buy into their bullshit anymore.

  4. California is world leader in tobacco control.

    Proposition 99 (the proposition to tax and regulate cigarettes), which passed in 1988, has led to a 40% reduction in adult cigarette use:

    ” The adult smoking prevalence declined by more than 40% from 22.7% to 13.3% since the passage of Proposition 99 in the 1988.”

    California had the opportunity to tax and regulate cannabis with Prop 19.

    How can anyone argue that taxing cannabis will increase cannabis use?

  5. Well I’ve just had a pleasant surprise while looking at the “The NSDUH Report – State Estimates of Drunk and Drugged Driving” from SAMSHA. The fact that I had a pleasant surprise when looking at government statistics about “drugged” driving is a shocking surprise in itself.
    Trends in Driving under the Influence of Illicit Drugs

    When combined 2002 to 2005 data are compared with combined 2006 to 2009 data, the Nation as a whole experienced a statistically significant reduction in the rate of past year drugged driving (from 4.8 to 4.3 percent), as did seven States: Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania (Table 2). No States had a statistically significant increase in the rate of drugged driving.


    Well ain’t that a slap in the face of the “drugged driving” dangers the Know Nothings like to include in their standard issue hysterical rhetoric.

    Should I mention that 4 of the 7 states cited by SAMSHA as having statistically significant reductions in “drugged” driving From 2002 to 2009 are medical cannabis states? Do we also point out that Michigan wasn’t a medical cannabis state until 2008?

    This tidbit is also included:

    Reductions in past year rates of drugged driving were found both among persons aged 16 to 25 (12.9 to 11.4 percent) and among persons aged 26 or older (3.0 to 2.8 percent).

    Wow, I wonder why this report didn’t make the headlines. Perhaps it was just forgotten seeing how it was published way, way back in last week, on 12/09/2010.

  6. Kerlikowske knew about the dramatic 2-point DROP in binge drinking but attributed it to law enforcement. Rather than to increased access to cannabis, of course.

  7. How could teen cannabis use be going up when there are so many drug busts and clandestine grow ops destroyed, taking supply off the streets? How is the devil weed finding its way into the hands of our children?

    One theory could be that they are developing a green thumb and guerrilla growing that shit. We should all be guerrilla growing imho. Johnny Appleseed this country. Once a toker, always a toker AND future voter. Time to flip it upside down.

    The truth is now out there.

    Pass the truth and make a new friend.

    The Mary Jane Militia is underway.

  8. It is time for us to act, using all peaceful means to overcome this great injustice. We must teach the citizen population that they have control. That our Jury of Peers have the last say, they can nullify the law as a juryer. The Courts do not want the people to know that the power is in the people and we must act and act now.
    Your liberty lies in your hearts people, not in the courts, not in the congress, not with our executive branch, no the true power lies in the liberty of us, we the people, and we must act in defense of our liberty and freedom. We can do this, it is simple, yet we say nothing to each other about it. Jury Nullification of the Law, Send the king a clear notice that we are not going to take this anymore. Peacefully nullify the law in each cannabis case in this Nation will stop the unwanted and injustice of this government. We as the people of this Nation can choose not to act upon the law but ignor it completely. Teach Jury Nullication to everyone and anyone, talk about it openly, apply in the courts and be the Law of the Land and not sheep. Let us put an end to the denial of our liberty in this matter, we have the keys we need only to appy them upon the cannabis laws and shut these government folks down. Spread the words, Jury Nullification and teach the rights of a jury to everyone. Liberty will live on if we act upon it, if not no court, no congress, no president can ever bring it back. It lies in each of us on this planet, time to take charge of our liberty and freedom. Time to life back into the Bill of Rights.

  9. Ya know, it’s so rare that juriesconvict in medical cannabis vendors in California, that it was news when Bonnie Dumanis got a conviction in Jovan Jackson’s second trial. All she had to do was to get the judge to exclude any defense claiming the protection of the CUA and SB 420. I suppose somebody has to keep the appellate courts busy.

    There was a case almost 3 years ago in Texas where a guy got an acquittal when he used a medical necessity defense.http://www.newsli.com/2008/03/27/texas-patient-wins-landmark-acquittal-in-medical-marijuana-case/

    Google —> “medical marijuana” +acquittal and look at the page after page after page of medical cannabis principals getting acquitted by juries.

    It seems that my perception that these acquittals were all but exclusive to California was mistaken when I look at the list.

  10. Obama directed the DEA to stop prosecuting people who comply with state medical marijuana laws. The DEA did not listen to him and kept right on arresting and prosecuting law abiding medical marijuana citizens.

    Hillary Clinton was asked what her stand was on medical marijuana. She said more research is needed. Dumb answer… I think she forgot to exhale.
    Marijuana is still listed as a schedule one substance; therefore research is against the law….
    I think it is clear; the political arm of our government is not in control.

  11. The director of ONDCP blames the debate on marijuana legalization for the increase in teen marijuana use. Fine, end the debate and legalize. I’m all for that. If he thinks the debate will end prior to legalization, well, that is simply not possible.

  12. In a perfect world children would’nt use drugs at all. But in this world i’d rather see them toke than drink.Marajuana is the safest intoxicant we have on this planet.period.And it’s human nature to intoxicate oneself.

  13. I have got to say this about our marijuana laws. It is not the government’s right to say it is right or wrong. “We the People” should decide. You may say, “But the kids!” Let me tell you, they already have it, they are already smoking it –move on. You may say, “If it is legalized, kids will get it easier” – right, just like they are going to all the moonshiners to get their booze and growing their own tobacco to smoke. Legal or not kids will get it. So drop the “but the kids” bull. I wanted to get the “kids” thing out of the way first because that is where all the anti-marijuana people go when they are backed in a corner about what is true.
    Now what the real issue is, a man or woman telling me what I can or can’t do. A person that doesn’t even know me can tell me I cannot eat a cheeseburger from McDonalds. More people have died from illnesses caused by eating improperly than smoking marijuana. I don’t even have to reference that fact it is so well known. If someone passed a law outlawing cheeseburgers there would be riots in the streets. There is NO difference Americans. Keep letting it go and our government will be doing things so silly you will think it is a dream. One day every single person that supported government control will have a right they hold dear taken away. I can’t wait to giggle in your face, while I’m eating a cheeseburger and puffing on a joint – looking for cops of course – but don’t worry, I’ll puff, puff, and pass.

  14. hey, i have had a rough life, my mom is a pill head, my step dad beat me to the point that i had broken bones, and i was only taken into foster care at the age of 13, right after he made me mentally snap and i broke his 2nd and 3rd vertabrea, and broke his nose, and dislocated the right side of his jaw. i have been in foster care for almost 2 years now, and i just couldn’t take my mom blaming me for everything saying it was all my fault and plus i had other stress of course, but when i started marijuana, my life totally strightened out, it helped me through the rough times, i was suicidal untill i started marijuana, and now i’m much calmer, it’s kind of like a hug from god that makes you feel better. i strongly believe that lagalizing marijuana would help people now adays, with all the stress, it is good to just sit back and smoke s joint, it helps you have a good time, and then you can always deal with your problems the next day 🙂 people say that pot makes you stupid and kills braincels, but i have done research and found that it reduces chances of getting cancer, and my average in school went from a 76 to a 83 and that’s pretty incredable, i also have earned a full year scollarship to mount allison university if i take music as a career, and i have won a school district writing competition, grand prize was $1000 and it is sitting in my bank right now! i have had a lot of achievements since i have started pot, and i have figured out that i have no longer any emotional attachments to my parents, and i seem to be more confident then i was before i smoked marijuana, confident enough that i got my social worker taken off my case because i was smart enough to make sure he was following his code of ethics and it turns out he wasn’t. when i grow up i plan on becoming an RCMP officer. as a teenager i am not a stoner, i smoke marijuana at the most stressfull times in my life but not everyday, that’s where the trem “drug abuse” comes into play, if people choose to smoke it every day then that is their choice, i mean people drink, people smoke, i think that if marijuana is illegal, then honestly, why the fuck is alcohol and cigarettes legal? they are bad for you, and marijuana has been proven to have more benefits then downfalls, and all this bullshit of advertisements about drugs will kill you, yes..ok, maybe drugs will harm you, all that E and speed, and acid, and whatever, yea, prolly not the bes thing to do, but marijuana is not even a drug, it is a harmless plant that gives you a good time. and i strongly believe that if adults keep classifying it as a drug then when teens smoke weed they are going to think, well i’m doing drugs anyways, so why not do speed or heroine, or acid? that’s what lead me to try all that stuff, because i thought weed was a drug, i figured why not try everything, but now that i know it is not a drug, i have stopped doing all that other bull-shit, and just smoke weed. some kids just want to do bad stuff so they smoke pot, but if the governement legalized it, then where is the fun in breaking the law? where is the attention? i believe alot of teens would quit. and if not, then it still dont matter because oit is good for you! but anyways, i gotta get to bed, exams in the morning so i think imma hit the blunt a few times then do acceptional on my exams in the morning….LET ME HELP YOU WITH YOUR TROUBLES!!!! -marijuana

  15. I am a senior in high school, From what i see, if one of my peers is going to smoke, then they are going to smoke. No question about it. It is really easy to find a bag, but the people one would have to deal with, isnt always pleasant. Dealers seem to look at the teen population as easy to rip off, so they do it. Say one of us gets sick of this and happens to stumble uppon a good deal, and starts selling it to help there peer teens out. Thats the government turning teens to selling machines. before you know it a good majority of the school is looking to you for a good hook up. What happens when the teen possibly gets busted? There goes there career. Why not just leglize it? Keep the “Illegal” Work out of “our” hands. Regulate it, and leave it up to our parents to say weather or not we can smoke it. just like cigs. Except the fact that cannibus has killed 0 people, and maby even re-think the tobacco industry? I dont know if any of this makes sence to anybody but i am a strong beliver of the decriminalization of marijuana and if the government would just lighten up on the restrictions for us “Kids”, then maby us “Kids” could stop worrying about braking the law everyday.

  16. A couple of things that the dea messed up. First anything on the “controlled substanced act” isnt controlled its wide open to anyone so using that word is ironic since it does the oppisite. Then which is my personal favorite is that marijuana is a schedule one drug with heroin which tells our kids two thing. one is that cocaine and morphine are better for you then marijuana since they are only schedule two and when kids try marijuana they thing well this isnt bad and since heroin is in the same catagory then heroin must not be that bad. I know most kids have more sense then that but really thats how they have it set up for kids to think and it would be logical to think like that.

  17. I am for the complete legalization of all drugs, but the idea that requiring people to show their ID will stop teenagers from smoking cannabis is absurd.

    I’m 18, for instance, and it is illegal for me to buy alcohol. Do you think that stops me in any way, shape, or form from getting piss drunk? Hell no.

    I think the reason cannabis is more available in schools than alcohol is because it’s a smaller product and more importantly, all teens already have access to plenty of booze, like their parents’ liquor cabinet or their 21+ friend/sibling who buys it for them.

    I think the idea that prohibiting a certain class of people (i.e. young people) from buying a product is the exact same logic prohibitionists use for the general population.

    So, by your logic, why not make the age to buy cannabis 25, 30, 40, 50, 100? Let’s make the age 1000 so no one can buy it. This should obviously stop people from smoking pot, since no one will meet the age limit.

    Prohibition has never worked. And the idea that it will work for this time for a particular class of individuals is beyond naive. It’s insane.

  18. I didn’t start smoking until the summer after my senior year, when I was diagnosed with Chron’s disease. In high school I drank every weekend and came home drunk not to mention the hangover I had the next day. I no longer drink, and smoke almost everyday. Being in a state where it is illegal makes it hard, but it can be done. If the government would stop being so stubborn and realize that legalizing marijuana would give them millions of dollars in tax money. This is needed while were in a deficit. It is a natural plant, it comes from the ground. No one has died from it and the only thing it does is make you hungry and tired. If there should be any drug that is illegal it should be tobacco.

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