South Carolina: Veterans need your help to get medical cannabis bill moving

Mar 15, 2021

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South Carolina: Veterans need your help to get medical cannabis bill moving

Please take a couple of minutes to call your state senator in support of the Compassionate Care Act.

“The medicine that saves my life every day is illegal in South Carolina. I am asking my fellow South Carolinians, please support your veterans by asking your legislators to support compassionate legislation to bring this relief to everyone who needs it.” 

— J., a female South Carolina veteran with PTSD and a severely painful kidney condition that medical cannabis has dramatically helped

On March 1, South Carolina veterans made a powerful case for legalizing medical cannabis. They shared the pain they and their brothers and sisters endured — of friends who died of opiate overdoses, the impacts of living with PTSD, and the injustice of their life-saving medicine being deemed illegal by the state. They bravely shared their traumatic stories in hopes of stirring legislators and the public to act.

Please, heed their call. With your help, this can be the year South Carolina finally stops criminalizing patients for using this safe and effective medicine.

Call your state senator TODAY to politely let them know you want them to work to pass S. 150 — the S.C. Compassionate Care Act.

S. 150 is scheduled for discussion in the Senate Medical Affairs Committee this Thursday. With your help, we can get the bill moving in time to advance before South Carolina’s April 10 crossover deadline. More than 70% of South Carolina voters support medical cannabis, but it is vital that lawmakers hear that their constituents want them to act on this bill.

Please also watch and share this coverage of the veterans’ press conference on social media. You can watch the entire press conference — which features Emmy-award winning TV host and multiple sclerosis sufferer Montel Williams — here.

Finally, you can go the extra mile by also calling your state representative, to let them know you want them to push for the House version of the bill — H. 3361 — to get a vote.

Thank you for your compassion! Now, let’s get these bills moving.