Senator Threatens to Block DEA Nominee Leonhart

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The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) will put a hold on the nomination of Michele Leonhart to be the next administrator of the DEA.

Kohl’s beef with Leonhart has nothing to do with her views on marijuana issues, but rather the DEA’s work in restricting access to certain prescription pain medications in nursing homes. Still, this represents the strongest opposition to date against Leonhart, who is currently interim DEA head and has played a crucial role in overseeing raids on state-legal medical marijuana collectives and denying applications to do FDA-level research on marijuana.

In recent months, MPP and many of our allies have protested Leonhart’s nomination to head the DEA based on concerns over those above-mentioned actions and some less-than-thoughtful comments she has made about the worsening prohibition-fueled violence in Mexico. At her confirmation hearing, Leonhart, a Bush administration holdover, promised Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that, “If confirmed as administrator, we would continue to enforce the federal drug laws” — which directly contradicts last year’s Department of Justice directive to respect state medical marijuana laws.

Despite those concerns, Leonhart’s confirmation seemed all but certain, but Sen. Kohl now has the power to draw the process out for some time. Stay tuned for updates.

30 responses to “Senator Threatens to Block DEA Nominee Leonhart”

  1. It’s kind of sad that anyone would want to restrict the pain medication options available to nursing home residents.

  2. Don’t forget Leonhart’s smug press release upon Marc Emery’s arrest, in which she made really clear the political nature of his prosecution.

  3. Yeah but why and how is DEA denying research on cannabis? isnt that odd? why not just give DEA to regulate the laws of drugs, and then let DEA decide on how much funding they should get?

  4. Thank you, Sen. Herb Kohl (Democrat). Don’t give in to Moderate-Democrat Obama or the Conservatives.

    Progressives, and independents, are leading the fight against the Moderates, Conservatives, and Corporate Elite who keep Marijuana as an illegal substance.

  5. How Ironic would it be if she found out she had cancer, then tried a multitude of prescription drugs, they didn’t help, tried cannabis, helped alleviate her pain, nausea, and helped her eat and hold down food, to find out how wrong and ignorant her current position is, followed by her being arrested and dying… just a scenario people.

  6. Shrink government, right Conservatives?

    Gut 90% of the DEA and fold the rest into the FBI as a new division, albeit a much smaller one.

  7. I have several family members that are RN’s in nursing homes. They tell me dogs have more rights and are treated better. It’s in humane the way people are forgot about and left to suffer in pain for years before they pass away. It’s unimaginable to me that one person would deny another the right to control their pain. Are these people that ignorant or just down right cruel? I can’t imagine anyone being that ignorant!

  8. Michele Leonhart wants to become ambitious and powerful like Nancy Reagan, and have the DEA evolved to become more politically governed by former Drugs Czars and administrators and not by the administrators of the presidency or congress unless they claimed to be a “fan of the DEA”.

  9. MPP, DPA, ASA, and NORML should all send a joint letter to Sen. Herb Kohl commending him and also reminding him that sick people everywhere SHOULD have safe and reliable access to their medicine, EVEN if that medicine happens to be Marijuana or not.

  10. I say hold up filling the posting indefinitely, leave it unfilled. Save the taxpayers her salary. Or at least save the taxpayers the difference in salary but make her keep on doing the top job at the deputy pay. Slash all funds for non-violent adult cannabis delicts, make them zero priority.

  11. I’m glad that Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) was aware and paying attention to the carelessness and the uncontrolled irresponsible activities of leadership in the DEA policies toward citizens by not following the United States constitutional BILL OF RIGHTS.

    It is sad that the majority of congress including the president and the people of the judicial branch; doesn’t think it is such a big deal. The federal government is too distracted and they are trying very hard acting like they know what they are doing by confusing the public.

    The DEA and their WAR ON MARIJUANA is taking advantage of that!

  12. She was blocked. Now maybe others will listen as to how Michele Leonhart disobeyed her own boss and should be fired. We do not need a D.E.A. anyway.

  13. if the F.D.A. researches substances and determines if they are safe or not but the D.E.A. decides what substances they can take, how are we suppose to know if marijuana is safe when the D.E.A. won’t let the F.D.A. research marijuana?

  14. Perspective. You hit the nail on the head. The DEA let’s the FDA know weather or not a drug is safe. Somthing wrong with that? Why not just do away with the FDA and let the pharmaceutical companies decide what’s safe. I’m sure between big pharma and the DEA we would be more than safe. They know what’s best for us right. NOT!!!

  15. DEA would not allow anyone to research marijuana because of the “Controlled Substance Act of 1970”. That is the main job of the DEA is to keep marijuana a Schedule One substance at all cost.
    It is the orders of the late former President Richard M Nixon, the DEA’s creator.

  16. with a lil luck we will get a nice big snow or ice storm in DC and she will slip and fall and break her ignorant redneck on a set of steps on the way to her conformation hearing. maybe we can buy off the groundskeepers who spead the salt with a few nugs. I would certainly be willing to sacrifice a couple if it gets the job done.

  17. It’s sad that a Goverment offical has the knowledge and the traning to make Major Medical decisions!
    This is a decision that should be left to a specialist.

    Strap in folks when Obamacare kicks in. Our medical care options in going to diminish.

  18. The scripture says we wrestle not against principalities and powers but against spiritual wickedness in high places. I also read that the Pharisees and Herodians were trying to trap Jesus with a question. Here’s what’s signicant about that: the goof balls in the so called conservative movement think if we elect these conservatives we’ll we would have heaven here on earth if we just elect the right people. Those pharisees and herodians were the religious and political leaders of that time. Is this making sense to anyone? The Palin and the Bushes and all of the people need to study history. Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they made an attempt to separate church and state. Our government says pot is wicked. Well anybody should know satan had no power to create. Satan himself doesn’t want to see our herb left alone. That is because these immoral policies hurt good people and cause waste, division, fighting and I know the only cannibis I can get is stained in blood. I need it, I suffer daily because I can’t get what I need. Sarah Palin and her follewers need to read thier Bibles. Read Foxes book of Martyrs and you’ll see what happens when the government and the church join hands. Jesus never was involved politically. He said to render unto Caeser that that was Caesars and to God His. If you don’t understand what I’ m saying here, I don’t beleive you’ve studied like God has instructed us to do. Simply put, the decision to use cannibas shoult be between me and my Lord! With qall due respect, Tim Chandler

  19. woodbutcher, i’m offended that you link leonhart with rednecks. we’re just simple people many of whom smoke pot. she’s a politically minded idiot. she aint one of our clan!

  20. We need more criminals in office like this one. We need our constitution raped further then it has been so far. We need these fools to tell us what are freedom and liberty is under the US Constitution. You know they know what is just and right for us educated people when we clearly do not. Let them burn and rape that US Constitution in front of our faces instead of in the cover of darkness. Lets get this issue in the open and out of the hands of the unjust. Jury Nullification was a protection our founding fathers gave us, lets use it on these tyrants of evil.

  21. This is all Obama’s fault for fucking becoming a Republican shortly after elections, keeping everyone from the Bush and Clinton administration to run the country. Fucking asshole.

  22. It time to take back this country from the asshole trying to run it now .
    I thought it was written ” we the people for the people ”
    Free health care , free education , no
    More foreign aid , we pay taxes for Americans not support of other nations at the cost of America .the government that governs well governs least … Morals and values of our forefathers
    FDA , DEA , TSA , are total bullshit
    Happy holidays – out grow the government

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