S.C. Senate voting on medical cannabis bill as soon as this week!

Jan 31, 2022

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S.C. Senate voting on medical cannabis bill as soon as this week!

Call your senator today and urge them to pass the Compassionate Care Act!

After seven long years, Sen. Tom Davis’ medical cannabis bill, S. 150 — The Compassionate Care Act — could get a vote on the Senate floor as soon as this week!

Sen. Davis brilliantly defended the bill on the Senate floor last week, and debate will continue again starting tomorrow afternoon. However, opponents from SLED, the sheriffs departments, and the Palmetto Family Council are flexing their muscles to try to peel off votes. We need your help TODAY to make sure senators hear from the overwhelming majority of their constituents who want them to stand up for compassion.

Here’s what you can do: 

  1. Call your state senator in support. We provide tips and a sample script to make it easy.
  2. Sign up to phone bank with our allies at Americans for Prosperity South Carolina. We need your help to mobilize supportive constituents in key Senate districts.
  3. Spread the action link on social media. 
  4. Email your state legislators.
  5. If you have a personal connection to the issue — including if you have a serious illness and could benefit from medical cannabis — please fill out this form.

This legislation has been a long time coming and has only made it this far due to the diligence and tenacity of Sen. Davis as well as people such as yourself who have raised your voices in support and contacted your legislators about the importance of this bill to the seriously ill and injured patients of South Carolina.

You can read our summary of the bill here. And you can watch the debate — which resumes shortly after noon tomorrow (Tuesday) — here.

Together, we can make the idea of a medical cannabis program a reality. Please have your friends and family around South Carolina let their voices be heard! It is up to us to show S.C. senators that we want the freedom this bill gives patients and doctors to make their own medical decisions.