S.C. Primary Election results are coming in, several races head to runoffs

Jun 10, 2020

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S.C. Primary Election results are coming in, several races head to runoffs

Check out our primary runoff voter guide.

Thank you to everyone who voted in yesterday’s Primary Election, and to everyone who checked out our medical cannabis voter guide and spread the word!

Numerous known supporters will be advancing to the General Election. You can find the unofficial election results here and compare them to our House and Senate voter guides.

Meanwhile, in three Senate primaries and eight House primaries, no candidate received a majority. Those districts are headed to primary runoffs on Tuesday, June 23. Check out our runoff voter guide here to see if there’s a runoff in your district and to learn about candidates’ stances.

After you check out the voter guide, please spread the word. Two primary races were so close they’re headed to a recount. A relatively small number of supporters can sway an election. To have even more impact, you may want to consider volunteering for or donating to candidates you support.

And, stay tuned. We’ll be publishing another voter guide well in advance of November’s General Election.