S.C.: Medical cannabis voter guide published as absentee voting begins

Oct 05, 2020

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S.C.: Medical cannabis voter guide published as absentee voting begins

Look up your state legislative districts and then see where your state House and Senate candidates stand on protecting patients.

South Carolina is one of 26 states that lacks a citizen initiative process. The only road to enacting a compassionate medical cannabis law in the Palmetto State is via the state legislature. While medical cannabis isn’t directly on the ballot, the entire legislature is.

Early and absentee voting have already begun. Now’s the perfect time to get informed about where your candidates stand on medical cannabis.

Our voter guide includes responses to the South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance’s candidate questionnaire, along with whether incumbents cosponsored medical cannabis bills and incumbents’ past committee votes.

First, look up your state legislative districts here. After you fill in your information, the second section will display your Voting Districts. You’re looking for the number of your SC Senate District and SC House District.

Then, check out our voter guides for South Carolina Senate races and South Carolina House races. (If one or more of your candidates hasn’t responded, ask them if they agree that seriously ill patients should be allowed to use and safely access medical cannabis when it’s recommended by a physician.)

Finally, if you’re a registered South Carolina voter, make a plan to vote. This year, South Carolina is letting all voters vote absentee due to COVID-19 (by selecting “State of Emergency” as the reason).

  • In-person absentee voting began today and lasts until 5:00 p.m. Monday, November 2. Locations can be found here. Voters must present a voter ID when voting in person and should wear a mask.
  • Voters can also cast an absentee ballot by mail or personal delivery to their county voter registration office. If you choose this approach, first carefully review the requirements on timing and procedure.
  • Alternatively, voters can vote at their precinct on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Don’t miss out on this chance to help decide who represents you in Columbia. And please spread the word to other compassionate South Carolinians, so that they, too, can cast informed votes.