S.C.: Help needed to get medical cannabis past the finish line

Sep 15, 2021

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S.C.: Help needed to get medical cannabis past the finish line

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After six long years of advocacy, the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act is poised to get a vote in the state Senate when the legislature returns to work! But to turn this long overdue bill into law we need to make sure the House of Representatives votes, too.

We’ve brought on a grassroots organizing team to prepare constituents in key districts to meet with their state reps and to do all the legwork to schedule and facilitate the meetings.

That’s where you come in … We’re looking for people with a personal connection to the issue who are willing to participate. Please fill out our form. Let us know if you could benefit from medical cannabis, have a loved one who could find relief from cannabis, or are a medical professional, veteran, clergy member, or former law enforcement — or if you are otherwise personally connected to the issue.

Polling shows more than 70% of South Carolina voters support allowing medical cannabis.  But some in law enforcement have been vigorously opposed. To get this done, it’s crucial that state reps hear from their own constituents who are depending on them to pass the Compassionate Care Act.

Personal stories change hearts, minds, and votes. Our team will handle the legwork and make it easy. So please, fill out the form, and share this message with others who may be willing to raise their voices for compassion.