S.C.: Check out our voter guide for next Tuesday’s primary

Jun 03, 2020

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S.C.: Check out our voter guide for next Tuesday’s primary

Look up your legislative districts, then check out our S.C. House and S.C. Senate voter guides.

Next Tuesday, June 9 is Primary Election Day for the South Carolina Legislature. This year’s elections will be critical for determining whether South Carolina will finally enact a compassionate medical cannabis law.

We’ve put together a voter guide on where the candidates stand on medical cannabis. It includes responses to the South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance’s  candidate questionnaire, along with whether incumbents cosponsored medical cannabis bills, and incumbents’ past committee votes.

First, look up your state legislative districts and precinct location here. After you fill in your information, the second section will display your Voting Districts. You’re looking for the number of your SC Senate District and SC House District.

Then, check out our voter guides for South Carolina Senate races and South Carolina House races to see where candidates in your district stand.

Registered voters can vote in either party’s primary on June 9 — or in advance by absentee ballot. South Carolina does not have registration by party. If your district is not listed in our voter guide, there is not a competitive primary. You can check back for our voter guide leading up to the General Election.

State legislative races have been so close some have tied and were decided by a coin toss. Don’t miss out on this chance to help decide who represents you in Columbia. To go the extra mile, you can volunteer for or contribute to candidates you support.

After you take a look at our voter guide, please spread the word. And if you speak to a candidate about medical cannabis and get new information that we have not included, let us know at