S.C.: Action needed to get the Compassionate Care Act passed in House!

Apr 27, 2022

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S.C.: Action needed to get the Compassionate Care Act passed in House!

Email your rep to vote YES on the final vote!

After seven long years, S. 150 is finally headed to the House floor today! The Senate already passed the bill in February. Earlier this month, the legislation passed the 3M Committee, so we need everyone to reach out to their reps right now before the final vote.

It’s time to double down our efforts to make sure the bill gets past the finish line.

Here’s what we need from you:

Too many have fought for years, and we are in the final stretch to full House passage. Our opponents will be doing everything in their power to defeat this historic legislation — including proposing 1,000 amendments to try to slow down the process. So, we must do everything in our power to make sure S. 150 gets final passage in the South Carolina House.

Let your representative know you support allowing the medical freedom that safe, legal access to medical cannabis brings to patients with debilitating conditions. You can read our summary of the bill here.

Together, we can make the idea of a medical cannabis program a reality in South Carolina. Please have your friends and family around South Carolina have their voices heard! It is up to us to show S.C. representatives that we want the freedom this bill gives patients and doctors to make their own medical decisions.