San Diego Supervisors' Shamelessness Knows No Bounds

Oct 17, 2008

California, patients

The California Supreme Court rejected San Diego and San Bernardino counties' challenge of a state law requiring a medical marijuana patient identification card system Thursday, but San Diego supervisors vowed to appeal for a fourth time – this time to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The counties' argument rests on the disingenuous notion that federal law prevents them from establishing the I.D. card program in accordance with a 2003 state law designed to make it easier for law enforcement to verify legitimate medical marijuana patients. The fact that 42 counties have already implemented the program with no problems doesn't seem to matter to these county supervisors.

But let's face it: This isn't about any real confusion about conflicts between state and federal law. It's about a small group of elected officials who just don't like the state's medical marijuana law and don't care that it was the voters' decision to make and not theirs.

Now the voters will have to continue paying for these renegades' pointless legal crusade, and patients and law enforcement officers will have to wait for this simple tool that's making California's medical marijuana laws run smoother almost everywhere else in the state.