R.I.: Let’s put patients over profits

Mar 03, 2020

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R.I.: Let’s put patients over profits

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Backed by a new grassroots group, the Medical Marijuana Patients Coalition, Rep. Scott Slater (D), and Sen. Josh Miller (D) have introduced legislation to implement significant reforms to Rhode Island’s medical marijuana program.

The proposal would create a hardship program to reduce the cost of medical marijuana for patients who qualify as low-income. It would also dramatically reduce licensing fees for compassion centers, prohibit discrimination against patient cardholders by state agencies, and remove the ban on people with prior drug felonies from owning or operating a medical marijuana business. You can read a summary here.

The bill is based on recommendations from a report released by the MMPC in January of this year. Please support these patients and the medical marijuana reform bill by taking action and urging your legislators to support H 7621 and S 2544!