REVISED: Rand Paul and Medical Marijuana

Aug 17, 2010 , , ,

UPDATED: Read a more recent post clarifying Paul’s comments here.

Back in May, when Kentucky Republican Rand Paul defeated an establishment candidate to win his party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate, I pointed out that one of the issues Paul used to win over voters was his support of medical marijuana laws.

Now, in a telling political move, the son of Ron Paul has reversed his stance on the issue, telling the Associated Press last week that “he is opposed to the legalization of marijuana, even for medicinal purposes.” (He also stated that he doesn’t think the government’s war on drugs is “a real pressing issue” and that he wants to cut federal funding for drug treatment programs.)

Gee, I wonder if this has anything to do with that episode from his past that’s been discussed so much in the news lately. Is Paul selling out medical marijuana patients as part of a strategy to deflect criticism? Or am I being too cynical?

For the record, Paul’s Democratic opponent, Jack Conway, isn’t much better when it comes to marijuana issues, and has received police endorsements because of his support for tougher law enforcement strategies.

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  1. Everything politicians do is usually motivated by politics. Medical marijuana brings relief to many who suffer from disease. It is a shame that becuase of the abuse that comes with making medical marijuana legal those who use it as medication are being penalized. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to Rand Paul, he obviously is up against the indisputable fact that indeed marijuana has merit as an effective treatment for cancer, glaucoma and other ailments.

  2. This really irks me … I spent alot of time talking to family and friends who live in Ky about supporting him! I wonder what his dad thinks of this? Well I’d better get on the phone and facebook and let people know, he is evidently…just another politician

  3. The Idiot sells out to grt power. But if he gets power he will not be able to do antthing with that power to change the laws he earlier said he was against. If one has to sell out to get power and one cannot do anything to achieve the legalization one’s gaining of power was meant to achieve one does not have power. It turns out that the reason for selling out is itself negated by the gaining of power. Thus the idiot has no power because the drug warriors havew the power the idiot gave them. Just like Sarah Palin, another traitor to the sacred cause of cannabis legalization. Listen guy selling out to get power just denies you power if the reason for gaining power is to enable legalization to occur. Rand all you are doing is screwing yourself while you screw the citizens of this country.

  4. what the hell man? how does a man go from supporting a cause like this to NOT supporting it? seriously? he is a sacred little racist boy. seriously, SCARED, RACIST, LITTLE BOY!

  5. Rand Paul is a dick. The issue is gaining momentum and doesn’t need his foot-in-mouth baggage to hold it back. He actually might be able rebuild his image by putting his foot in his mouth pro-legalization, too, if only he would reconsider or backtrack on the other stupid things he’s said for which he’s been in the news. Rand Paul, one hit wonder. I’ll be surprised if he gets re-elected. I’ll be even more surprised if he makes it into higher office. You can only get so far bashing government because once you get elected and you’re part of government and nothing changes, it’s still the same old shit, voters move on.

  6. Rand Paul is no different than all the rest of them. We need a government of the people not the government of the rich and famous.
    Why there are no consequences whatsoever for these politicians who blatantly lie to us to get our votes? Since when is it ok to say one thing and do the opposite.

    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  7. I think one of the best things we can do right now is work on voter registration so that people will be ready to vote in November (they’ve got to register now or they will not be allowed to vote later). People can google their state name and “voter registration” to find their own state’s voter registration process.

    Some info for California:
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  8. let me try and save my ass before i kiss it good bye.

    If I was a politician i would just be upfront and honest about my beliefs but then again that is probably why I will never be a polotician

  9. So it goes. I really liked the guy, myself having a libertarian streak a mile wide. Now it seems he’s just another redneck.

  10. Man…now I feel betrayed, THANKS ALOT ASSHOLE!!! I wonder if his father is the same way, if so you’ve lost my vote…

  11. Rand Paul was being taunted so he punishes medical marijuana and marijuana legalization to show himself that he too can become a soulless creep.

  12. When I go vote this fall I’m going with only one purpose. To insert a monkey wrench into the gears of government. Politicians are all liers.They all make decisions depending on who is the highest bidder. I refer to them as the Washington Mafia.

  13. Rand never said he didn’t think drugs were a pressing problem, I saw the event that was taken from. He said he didn’t think his preference for having the state rather than federal government take the lead on addressing drugs was a pressing issue IN THE CAMPAIGN with voters. He did not at that time address medical marijuana and I think they just made that part up as being consistent, in their dreams, with his being prolife.

    Find a QUOTE where he said that, anywhere. He is a doctor. He can prescribe MORPHINE. Why would he be against doctors prescribing weed?

  14. The law is gay. the law trust more in human medicine and the 100% of the hand of GOD critize, why the persons trust more in human what happend to the Words I God we trust.. The persons that want alchol stik a cane in the back fuking gays.

  15. I dont for a second believe that Rand Paul would try to shut down dispensaries he stands for a smaller govt not more Federal control you have to watch how the media is trying to smear Rand and i wouldnt believe anything they say unless i hear it out of his mouth and its live

  16. I think that Rand Paul screwed up. He may still have a chance to become a political hero. Unfortunately, the philosophy of a good democratic government has been replaced by “The System”, where there are no heroes, just puppets.
    There is hope “VOTE”!

  17. He never said that MPP. The AP took what he DID say and then they said “he is opposed to the legalization of marijuana, even for medicinal purposes.”

    What he did say is that he is for states to choose how they deal with medical marijuana. Its not a yes/no answer to the question, but if you read BETWEEN the lines, it means hes FOR ppl voting on it, and if the majority of the ppl in that state are FOR IT, then he is FOR that states choice.

    All you ppl really need to stop drinking the kool-aid, and buying into all this bullshit.

    Like the “Aqua-Budda” story. The woman refferenced in that article has already come forward multiple times and said that didn’t happen, they didn’t force her to smoke weed, they didn’t tie her up or anything.

    I dont see liberal or conservative mainstream media retracting thier stories, because they don’t want free minded ppl in washington. And they sure as hell don’t want a free minded public voting for what they feel is right.

    the red/blue only voting system, creates simple divides that make it 50% of the ppl against 50% of the rest. that prevents 100% of the ppl from revolting

  18. As far as I know Ron Paul thinks marijuana laws should be up to the states. Rand is a wiesel don’t vote for him.

  19. Rand Paul never said it. Where are the quotes from Rand Paul on this story? Never to be found, anywhere. Rand Paul’s position on most issues of this nature is that it is up to the states and local governments, not the federal government. Rand Paul is not likely to take a position on medical marijuana being “right” or “wrong”. It is not a power enumerated by the Constitution so it is not the job of Senators or other federal officials to make laws on this matter, for or against.

  20. Look. At the end of the day, either Rand Paul or Jack Conway is going to be the next Senator from Kentucky.

    Who do you trust more? The former prosecutor with a chest full of law enforcement endorsements or the eye surgeon son of a libertarian icon?

  21. Mike, Rand NEVER said that.
    The AP reported that falsehood without quoting it.

    Jesse Benton, campaign manager Paul said it was a false report and Rand supports ending the federal war on drugs.

  22. I’m taking back all the bad things I have said about Rand Paul. Mark is right. It was all a political trick by opponents trying to discredit Rand Paul. This means that the Cannabis Issue: industrial hemp, medical marijuana, and legalization are very important issues in American politics.

  23. Hey, Meno… why don’t you try doing a little more research before you say something like this. You’ve got people withdrawing their support from him, because they think this claim is credible. But it’s all based on one sentence in a single AP article. What gives?

  24. According to a source from the Paul website there is no truth to the rumor that he ended his support for medical marijuana. The writer of this story should have called Rand Paul before posting the article and a retraction should be forthcoming.

  25. Rest assured, Rand Paul’s position has not changed. He believes that this is a states’ rights issue. He has said that medical marijuana should be handed at the state and/or local level. I am a volunteer currently working at the Rand Paul campaign headquarters. We have received a lot of questions about the article. Dr. Paul never said that – the article’s statement is incorrect. Thank you for clarifying in the update!

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