PTSD Patients Can Now Access Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

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Last year, MPP helped local advocates at Sensible Minnesota with their successful petition to add post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to the state’s medical cannabis program. Patients suffering from this condition were able to enroll in the program last month, and starting August 1 they will be allowed to access medical cannabis.

Every year, the Minnesota Office of Medical Cannabis accepts petitions to add new conditions, and this year was no exception. This year’s petitions were due this week, and MPP and Sensible Minnesota again submitted paperwork — including for nausea, Alzheimer’s, and autism. Thanks to everyone who shared their story with us to help build the case. Before deciding whether to add the condition, a review panel will hold a public hearing.

While Minnesota has a comprehensive medical marijuana program, it remains one of the most limited — and costly — in the country. One of the most significant remaining flaws is that patients are not permitted to consume whole plant (flower) cannabis.

2 responses to “PTSD Patients Can Now Access Medical Marijuana in Minnesota”

  1. I’m surprised that dementia is considered eligible. Can you please provide some links to appropriate studies?

  2. As a therapist who frequently treats PTSD, I can say this is a ridiculous approach to treatment. PTSD is so often accompanied by depression, which antidepressants can’t treat if the person is using marijuana. And, the correlation between addiction and trauma is so high.

    Just because it feels good in the moment doesn’t mean it is a long term solution.

    You all must have in mind making good money from providing psychologically addicting substances to people in pain.

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