Pennsylvania Lawmakers Making Progress on Medical Marijuana Provisions

Oct 02, 2015 , , , ,

A group of lawmakers in Pennsylvania is helping the state move closer to passing comprehensive medical marijuana legislation after they submitted a series of recommendations for the bill this week.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

The recommendations, prepared by 13 House members who had been discussing the issue since July, touched on subjects including how to license growers and sellers, and which medical conditions would qualify for a marijuana prescription.2000px-Seal_of_Pennsylvania

Steve Miskin, spokesman for House Republicans, said the next step would be using the guidelines to draft a bill that can garner enough support in the House.

“Hopefully, [it] passes by the end of the year,” Miskin said. 

The state Senate has already approved its own medical-marijuana bill, and State Sen. Daylin Leach (D., Montgomery), a longtime proponent of medical marijuana, said he believed the upper chamber would support a House bill that reflected the recommendations that were made public this week by State Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R., Centre).

Gov. Wolf is also supportive of medical marijuana, said his spokesman, Jeff Sheridan, and has for months encouraged legislators to get a bill to his desk.

If you are a Pennsylvania resident, please contact your legislators and ask the to support this sensible legislation.

3 responses to “Pennsylvania Lawmakers Making Progress on Medical Marijuana Provisions”

  1. This is truly wonderful news, finally!!! I live in Philly and have been doing what I can to push this along. I suffer every day with intolerable pain. None of the prescription pain meds help, they just make you very tired. We need these sensible laws passed now!!! Also make sure that the government takes it off the list of schedule 1. This is insane, a plant is a schedule 1 drug? We need laws that protect the people who do use marijuana as well!

  2. Great news, andlong overdue. I know first hand that mm is much, much, much better than this poison some doctors give you with prescription medicine, and what helps best. MM helps best with no side effects or reactions it’s as safe as it comes. How can one legalize ciggarettes, and alchohol 2 biggest killers, but not make this legal for everyone let alone people with medical problems we should have the choice of what we put in our bodies, and what helps best. MM helps best that’s the bottom line, and it’s not harmful no side effects it seems ludicris to not make this legal for all… I fully support this passing of the mm bill
    Thank You

  3. The very fact hat the federal government holds a US Patent on Medical Marijuana citing medical efficacy in treating myriad ailments as claimed in the patent, yet still leaving it at Schedule I (“Having no known medical use”) is the ultimate disgrace and hypocracy. HHS has done low dosage vaporization studies for pain and found significant benefits in treating chronic pain. Not surprisingly, it seems the Govt, both state and federal, ignores it’s own studies done at the request of the White House ONDCP by the presigious Institute of Medicine, HHS and other federal pilot programs, all showing medical benefit for many ailments and diseases (***Please search for yourself**), while now asking for “more studies” at taxpayer expense as if no evidence or the federal govt patent exists and having bought a Ton of pot in 2014. It is used to effectively treat chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, movement disorders, eye problems, Crohn’s, IBS, seizure and other disorders, diseases and maladies, while also shrinking tumors and killing cancer cells. People are suffering & dying due to this failure of leadership in congress (paricularly the Republican party, as in PA presently, who blocked use by veterans in the appropriations bill for 2015 and is used by many many veterans who have chronic pain & PTSD as this writer has. Over half the US states and U.S. population have some form of medical use or outright legalization without any appreciable problems and while generating Millions in State taxes and fee’s. No increase in anything horified lawmakers imagined, other than Less doctor/hospital visits, Less use of Rx Pills and Improved quality of Life for hundreds of thousands. The U.S. government appears to just stall and delay, as dose PA, while Canada, Israel, Holland and many other countries who are our allies have used mountains of evidence of medical benefit to help its citizens, often with US money being used to do these very studies. PA is way overdue for this legislation which has 88%+ voter approval for medical use. If passed it is to take 2 years to implement the law in PA.

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