Pennsylvania Health Department Announces First Round of Permits

Jun 20, 2017 , , , ,

At a press conference today, the Pennsylvania Department of Health announced the recipients of the first round of medical marijuana business permits. A total of 12 cultivation and processing permits were awarded, two in each of six designated regions.

The department received approximately 177 applications for this type of permit. The announcement of up to 27 dispensary permit recipients will be made before the end of June.

Act 16, the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act, allows for up to 25 grower/ processor permits and up to 50 dispensary permits. The department is expected to issue additional permits after evaluating where additional medical cannabis access is necessary. If program implementation maintains its current pace, dispensaries should be able to begin serving patients in less than year. The department recently released regulations for doctors, but has yet to release regulations for patients wishing to participate in the program. The registry for doctors will be available in July.

2 responses to “Pennsylvania Health Department Announces First Round of Permits”

  1. I will be so relieved when North Carolina finally educates the law makers of our state and allows we the people of this state access to the natural medication that Cannabis Provides! It’s time to follow the other State’s so that we have a choice between synthetic pharmaceuticals and the benefits that come from a plant that has so many different compounds from THC to CBD and will improve the quality of life that people like myself could maybe be beneficial and maybe reduce the amount of Opiates that are becoming hoarder to use for Chronic Pain!
    Thank You to everyone that takes the time to not only read this but Represent the needs and changes that North Carolina is way behind in the progression of the future we as Citizens who live here deserve !

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