PA legislation proposed to reform DUI laws for medical marijuana patients

Jul 06, 2020

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PA legislation proposed to reform DUI laws for medical marijuana patients

Tell your state lawmakers you support SB 1206.

Good news! Last month, Sen. Camera Bartolotta sponsored legislation (SB 1206) that would reform Pennsylvania’s DUI laws to stop criminalizing medicinal marijuana patients for driving long after any impairing effects of cannabis have worn off.

Urge your state lawmakers to sign on as a cosponsor for SB 1206.

Pennsylvania legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in 2016. However, state law continues to criminalize drivers for having any amount of THC in their system. THC can stay in a regular consumer’s system for days after last use, meaning patients are criminalized for driving well after impairment wears off. SB 1206 would provide that, for medical marijuana patients, it is only a crime to drive when impaired — not to simply have THC in one’s system. The bill currently awaits a referral to a committee for a hearing. You can read a copy of the bill here.

In other marijuana-related news, early this year Rep. Jake Wheatley introduced House Bill 2050, which improves on prior proposals to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in the state. For more details, check out our bill summary. Although the bill has not gained traction as of yet, Rep. Wheatley’s bill adds to a rapidly developing conversation in support of legalization.

As the momentum continues to build for legalized, regulated sales of cannabis to adults in Pennsylvania, please take a few minutes to email your state lawmakers to add your voice to the growing number of Keystone residents who support marijuana legalization. With just four months until Election Day, stay tuned for voter guides and other opportunities to get engaged as the election approaches.