Oklahoma to Vote on Medical Marijuana in 2018

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Oklahoma will vote on medical marijuana in 2018! The Oklahoma Secretary of State has certified Question 788 for the ballot, meaning Oklahomans will finally have the opportunity to vote on medical marijuana in November of next year. After collecting enough signatures to qualify for the 2016 election, the group Oklahomans for Health faced legal difficulties when the state’s attorney general took issue with the ballot summary of the new law.

After a hard-fought legal battle, Oklahomans for Health has come out on top, ensuring that the question will appear on the ballot in next year’s election. Seventy-one percent of Oklahomans believe that marijuana should be legal for medical purposes. There are a multitude of studies that show that medical marijuana can help patients suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and other devastating conditions. These patients should not have to wait any longer or risk jail time to access treatments that may help them. Mark your calendar for November 6, 2018, then forward this message to let your friends and family know about this important development.

2 responses to “Oklahoma to Vote on Medical Marijuana in 2018”

  1. Oklahoma is one of thee most anti-marijuana states in the nation. Just transporting marijuana through Oklahoma without even stopping can condemn a person to a mandatory minimum sentence of 4 years in prison — all the way up to life in prison! Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, or child molesters could be given more lenient sentences!
    But, tobacco products, of which have killed tens-of-thousands of Oklahomians, well, that’s perfectly ok with Oklahoma.
    And, alcohol, is not much better. But, both killers tobacco and alcohol are perfectly legal for adults in Oklahoma.

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