Oklahoma legislators send medical marijuana reform bill to the governor

May 19, 2020

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Oklahoma legislators send medical marijuana reform bill to the governor

Great news! Last week, the Oklahoma state Senate amended and passed HB 3228, a major medical marijuana reform bill, with a 38-5 vote. The House had previously approved the legislation in March and accepted the Senate’s changes late on Friday. The bill has been transmitted to Governor Kevin Stitt for his signature.

The legislation allows out-of-state medical marijuana patients to obtain a renewable three-month temporary license and permits dispensaries to deliver medical marijuana to registered patients. Among other changes, it also eases penalties and removes jail time for first-time offenses for individuals found in possession of marijuana without a medical marijuana license.

Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program has flourished since voters approved the original law in 2018. With nearly 300,000 patients registered, the state Tax Commission reports that medical marijuana sales generate close to $10 million each month in state tax revenue.

State lawmakers are also looking to make Oklahoma one of the first states to implement the use of marijuana breathalyzers for roadside testing to identify drivers who may be impaired. During the pilot phase, results will not be admissible in court.

Stay tuned for more updates on marijuana policy reforms in Oklahoma.