Oklahoma Board of Health restricts voters’ marijuana law

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On June 26, 57% of Oklahoma voters approved SQ 788 — a broad medical marijuana initiative that required swift implementation.

The Department of Health had been working for three months on regulations in case the initiative passed and swiftly released draft emergency regulations. MPP and many other advocates and patients submitted comments raising concerns, flagging several regulations that included onerous restrictions inconsistent with SQ 788.

Unfortunately, yesterday the Board of Health met to consider those regulations and approved almost all of the regulations we expressed concern about. They also added new restrictions — such as prohibiting the sale of smokeable cannabis.

The rules:

• Prohibit cannabis from being sold with more than 12% THC in infused products and prohibit plants from exceeding 20% THC.
• Prohibit dispensaries from selling smokeable, flower cannabis, and edible cannabis.
• Require each dispensary to have a pharmacist on staff.
• Require physicians to register before making recommendations, complete medical cannabis-specific training, and screen patients for substance abuse, mental health issues, and whether the patient presents a risk for diversion.
• Require physicians to perform a pregnancy test on “females of childbearing years” before recommending cannabis.

These restrictions will deprive some patients of the medicine that works best for them, while driving up costs and driving down doctor participation.

Advocates are considering next steps, including possible litigation. Stay tuned for updates. Also, we want to express our hearty congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to pass SQ 788!

3 responses to “Oklahoma Board of Health restricts voters’ marijuana law”

  1. Oklahoma should join the rest of the United States, and the world, in the common sense approach of allowing marijuana for improving the health of its citizens.
    I am losing the eyesight in both of my eyes due to chronic glaucoma, and I have to ‘dodge the police’ to get the necessary medicine that keeps me from going blind.
    My ophthalmologist must secretly recommend marijuana to me, and avoid its “political correctness”.
    No person should have their required marijuana medicine considered a controlled substance.

  2. Alcohol supremacist bigot thugs doing their best to suppress the will of the people. Since this is medicine cannabis we’re talking about, sadism is part of the deal too.

  3. This is typical Republican behavior!!!!!!! The people spoke on Election Day & it passed ,but the bible thumping Nazi didn’t expect it to win !!!!! People need to take to the streets & fight !!!! With all the restrictions they put up the program is basically a joke !!! I’m a veteran in Texas with chronic pain due to a genetic disorder & was planning to move to Oklahoma,now what’s the use!!!! We need to fight this tooth& nail!!! Just like Texas ,Okla. is oppressing the will of the people!!!!!! FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!!!!!!

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