Ohio: Ask Gov. DeWine to allow home delivery for medical cannabis

Apr 09, 2020

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Take action and send a message to the governor now.

Thankfully, Gov. Mike DeWine and state regulators have taken responsible steps to protect access to medical cannabis during the COVID-19 pandemic, including deeming medical cannabis businesses “essential” and allowing telemedicine consultations between doctors and patients.

Several medical cannabis states are allowing home delivery for patients to minimize the health risks for an already vulnerable population. Gov. DeWine recently said he is considering allowing medical cannabis deliveries during the crisis.

Take action now and ask Gov. DeWine to permit home delivery.

You can also help by forwarding this call to action to others, contacting the governor's office at (614) 644-4357, and making an appeal on Twitter.

It’s crucial that Ohio maintains a system of safe access to medical cannabis while also promoting social distancing during the pandemic.

Thank you.