Obama’s DOJ: A Disaster for Medical Marijuana Patients

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Once again, Obama’s DOJ shows no sympathy for medical marijuana patients.

Last April, 12 HIV/AIDS activists were arrested outside of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office as they protested funding cuts to HIV/AIDS and needle exchange programs in D.C. The protesters were offered the standard “Deferred Prosecution Agreement,” requiring them to stay away from the Cannon House Office Building for six months, perform 32 hours of community service, and test negative in three drug tests. If they were able to meet these requirements, the charges against them would be dropped.

Within three months, all of the protestors had completed their community service hours, and 10 of the 12 successfully produced negative drug tests. And this is where the story gets complicated

Two of the protestors, Antonio Davis and David Goode, used medical marijuana, recommended by their physicians, to deal with pain and other side effects caused by their HIV/AIDS treatment regimens. And though both men submitted letters from their doctors verifying their need for medical marijuana and, moreover, were assured by a judge that marijuana would not be screened for, the U.S. attorney for the District refused to honor the original deal spelled out in the Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

Now, the case has been transferred from one prosecutor to another and yet another, with each new prosecutor setting new conditions and requiring more community service time from the protestors. All of the protestors are now being required to complete a third 32-hour stretch of community service … or go to trial.

But because of failed drug screenings, medical marijuana patients Davis and Goode don’t have this option. They must go to trial and could face up to six months in jail. Meanwhile, Davis has stopped using his doctor-recommended marijuana and is suffering both mentally (worrying about possible consequences of a conviction) and physically (losing 20 pounds) because of it.

It’s insane that federal prosecutors are treating these medical marijuana patients so harshly. Marijuana has continually been shown to reduce the nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by HIV/AIDS and by the various medications used to treat HIV/AIDS. Observational research has found that by relieving these side effects, medical marijuana improves the likelihood that patients will adhere to life-prolonging treatments. Furthermore, clinical trials have shown that marijuana can significantly reduce a specific type of pain that often afflicts patients with HIV/AIDS — neuropathy, a painful nerve condition for which there are currently no FDA-approved treatments. (Visit the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research website to view more studies on marijuana’s therapeutic value.)

The story here is just another piece to add to the very puzzling pattern of the Obama administration burying its head in the sand. In the past several months, the administration has cracked down on patients and providers, refused to let a clinical study proceed, and continued to ignore medical evidence … evidence that medical marijuana actually helps sick people! The story here is but one glimpse into the suffering caused by federal obstinance in regard to medical marijuana, and as the old saying goes, “if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”




24 responses to “Obama’s DOJ: A Disaster for Medical Marijuana Patients”

  1. Why do the Fed’s continue to keep their fingers in their ears?
    And they will continue to DENY the truth even as the protesters bang on the door and HALF the country sees the LIE- There is NO question of Cannabis’ medical utility;
    U.S. Patent # 6,630,507-“Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants”, was issued to OUR government is 2003, but applied for in 1998. Meaning the “Medical utility” has been realized since then, and even apparent in the “Schafer Report” of 1974….Talk about a conspiracy?
    There IS a CURE for Cancer-It’s CANNABIS, but there’s NO money in a cure-only the treatment.
    Ask ANY politician. They’ve all been bought and paid for by Joe Camel, Oxycontin and Budweiser.
    God help them all-a new day is coming.
    A revolution of sorts.
    Establishment of the rule of law that government is to be, once again, BY and FOR the people.
    Removing the obstacle to progress, our House and Senate.
    Bringing suit against the DEA and DOJ for “Gross Negligence and “willful infliction of suffering” along with “Mass Incarceration”…A good start.
    What? am I alone here?

  2. We see cannabis reform gaining momentum accross this nation. When Colorado and at least five other states legalize cannabis like alcahol, are the feds going to put up electrified razor wire fences at their borders and make prisoners of the entire populations? This I gotta see. There will also be more med mj states added to the existing sixteen. When this is all over the feds will have a nation with around two to three hundred million prisoners. Mr. holder may himself get to become a prisoner, but I doubt it. I would bet Obama gave Holder permission in the first place. The fox has been in the henhouse for four years and it sucks. Now we are being used as forced labor. Three times they had to do thirty two hours of forced labor. That is exactly what the germans did.There has to be a lawsuit in there somewhere. And the worst part about the whole thing is they are cancer patients. This is so wrong in so many ways.

  3. This is OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION and this is HIS DOING. This is NOT the fault of Eric Holder of anyone at the D.O.J., they take their orders from the President! DO NOT give Obama a free ride on this!! This is HIS FAULT!

  4. Anyone who uses marijuana, or who recognizes the values of marijuana as a medicine, religious instrument, food, fiber, or any of a number of other uses for themselves or for others needs to be vigilent of the enemies of marijuana.
    Ignorance of marijuana is the first enemy, and as long as these very individuals in positions of government are allowed to keep themselves ignorant, and exercise their options according to an ignorant conscience, they will act in that self righteous ignorance and without mercy persecute marijuana use, even in the face of numerous studies and testimonies of the benefits of marijuana to overall life.
    Ignorance of GOD is the second enemy of marijuana. Most Christians have bought into the lie that marjuana is evil on the say so of government education. GOD said HE created seed-bearing plants for food. Marijuana is a seed-bearing plant, therefore, marijuana is GOD given food. And the government in egregious ignorance took marijuana from humankind by a shady act of Congress to prohibit cannabis. This is a continuous sin against GOD and humankind, with undue suffering to millions of people, and hundreds of millions of our tax dollars paying for government to criminalize us into slavery during the administration of our first black President. The above story is an ironic reality and all marijuana users need to be proactive. We have been living in a crummy world of ignorant people misusing power entrusted to them. They need to be identified and voted out of office or position by our votes, or letters, or numbers. The only way the people got medical use of marijuana is by their own initiative. Neither the Governor, Legislature, or the Court cared about the medical marijuana needs in our State of Michigan; and when 63% voted in favor, they just got mad and are trying to limit, suppress, and burden the Michigan Medical Marijuan Act in every which way they can at this time.
    It’s time to call marijuana prohibition: HISTORY!

  5. man u gotta give it up to Paradoc and Dennis Pielack+Clarence , uall reall put uall hearts out. “What? am I alone here?”, no your not alone. over 15m use atleast every month. the only problem is that the gov. is very well organized and ready for whatever we throw at dem. but maby if that 15m can organize… then who will stop the reform?

  6. Politics is a diversion; a “front” for the real powers-that-be.

    The last thing the illuminatical “They” want is a population with free access to Cannabis.
    One reason is, and believe it or don’t, prolonged cannabis use does not mask reality. Prolonged alcohol use does.
    Connect the dots.

  7. Stan: in your anger at Obama et al., consider the alternative: the Republican electorate is twenty percentage points more anti-cannabis-legalization than Democrats. There’s no such thing as a magic Republican office-holder who would go against those numbers. President Ron Paul would have to appoint Republicans to DEA, NIDA, etc. and we’d have another round of the same anger as with Obama now. As Paradoc says (above),

    “They’ve all been bought and paid for by Joe Camel, Oxycontin and Budweiser.”

    I’m not saying let’s give up– rather let’s attack the head of the beast: the ad(d)dictive 700-mg. hot-burning overdose $igarette format which is the basis of the enemy profit margin (from which they finance guess what– their anti-cannabis politics!).

    Go to wikiHow.com/Make Smoke Pipes from Everyday Objects, sign in, edit, revise, improve article, add pictures of one-hitters you know how to make, etc. If you have money, go someplace like Jamaica and build up a worldwide export long-stem chillum industry (with a 5.5-mm i.d. screened crater permitting 25-mg single tokes).

  8. President Obama didn’t disappoint me because I didn’t vote for him and will not help in his reelection campaign. All of you who supported Obama need to work hard to remove him from power. Stepping on sick peoples’ rights to choose medical treatment such as organic natural plants like cannabis is a political takeover by the big pharmaceutical lobby to control every aspect of our lives. Cannabis users don’t support big pharma by growing our own medicine. Obamacare finds medical marijuana users to be a threat to their plans for government control of our bodies.

  9. If you are relying on the government for help in legalization of weed you are wasting you time. They make more money keeping all drugs illegal and they will continue to do so. Don’t bother to vote either. It only shows them that you support American politics, which you do not I hope! Just keep in mind the addage, “Fuck America!”

  10. I hate to say it, but if the Republicans get in; it will be even worse. Having to play to the Conservative Christian base will put a big hurt on marijuana reforms. Now if you could put hash oil in your car, then maybe you would have somethng. hmmmmmm

  11. I would argue that the Obama administration is not sticking its head in the sand–its stance on medical marijuana is cruelly deliberate. The president’s drug “czar”, Gil Kerlikowske, has said in no uncertain terms that legalization is in neither his vocabulary nor Obama’s.

  12. People need to stand up for their rights when it comes to paraphernalia or possession of small amounts of marijuana. Do not plead “guilty,” make the state prove its case. I’m surprised people give up their rights so easily! Clog up the court dockets, NEVER give up your rights to a jury trial! I’m charged with misconduct of a controlled substance in the 6th degree during a traffic stop by the police while traveling as a passenger!!!! I only had marijuana residue, for crying out loud. At arraignment, I was surprised to hear others plead, “guilty,” for possessing small amounts of weed. And, when my name was called, the prosecutor offered me 1-yr., of probation; fines, for having marijuana residue in my pipe in my purse–the presiding judge sounded surprised when I wasn’t willing to accept the offer. NOT GUILTY!!!! I want a jury of my peers to find me guilty of possessing marijuana residue!! WTF is wrong with this country!!!! Prosecuting people for small amounts of weed is insane. Fight these kind of charges! Never plead guilty! If law enforcement and the courts want to waste financial resources make them prove their case. To be continued…..next month.

  13. I agree that Obama is to blame. He lied to us and now is as bad as any Republican would be. My theory is that it will take a principled politician like Ron Paul or a staunch anti-drug warrior to finally end prohibition. Similarly to how it took a staunch anti-Communist like Richard Nixon to open relations with mainland China, the public would only trust an anti-drug leader to make a sweeping change in drug policy. There are many conservatives who support our position. We need to embrace them and encourage them boldly act in the best interest of the country. Obama betrayed us.

  14. obama n crew are a puppet troupe to those who run this country…marijuana will not become legal because they make too much money off the arrests, the cost of jailtime ( local to me they detain you in pre-trial because they can bill the feds $36,000 if you r held 4 months) , probation ,parole & other court programs, mandated programs. I have fourty years experience in this drug war and would luv to dismantel it piece by piece, and job by job from family member to family member…..it is new age slavery at its best

  15. okay now this can be very confusing but yet real simple i have a hightimes mag and obamas in it talking about legalizeing marijuana then the big wheels state show us it has medicanal values and studys show more than enough proof it helps many sickness and migraines/ptsd/etc then deaths from taxed beer/cigs/pills/millons im sure cannabis deaths zero and god did say i given you all seed bearing plants and herbs to use if anything legalize it like they so called was doing tax it just like everything else they make millions people get the medical cannabis they need crime rate will drop and the world becomes a better place im on 10 bottles of meds a month i want medical cannabis but i live in va not legal im 35 14 to16 pills aday die before 50 legalize cannabis i can live a longer pain free/ptsd happy life or they can worry about money problems keep jails full of people over 2 sticks and a seed and cannabis is still gonna be here foreverso end prohibition and just legalize it problems solved plus a dispensary you no its clean and whatever your illness is they know what will help you feel great instead of something bought on the corner of the street stop telling lies and having alot of the people scared of cannabis when its safer than any beer/cigs/pills/thats taxed to kill all i got to say legalize cannabis peace

  16. Do not make the mistake of avoiding politics altogether. Prohibition wasn’t a quick and easy victory, nor was any worthwhile endeavor.
    Women, minorities, and gays fought literally for decades to make their voices heard. I think we can change the madness and push back the forces of darkness. I believe we all feel that way or we wouldn’t be on this website. There is an intrinsic value in struggle, but for many this is all too real; as little people, common people, neigbors, and citizens are damaged and violated for no just reason. Be involved in ways that you can.

  17. I believe one simple way of solving this problem of the prosecution of marijuana patients for either using or possession is in front of every Courthouse that somebody is being prosecuted for marijuana use or possession a team of people should be there passing out Jury Nullification literature to everybody, and placing this literature on everybody’s vehicle.
    That way as long as everybody is receiving this type of literature, nobody should be arrested for attempting to Influience the Jury or Jury Tampering since the people passing out this literature don’t know who is on the Jury and are therefore just exercising their 1st Amendment rights of informing the general public of their Rights and their Duty as a potential Jury member to not just Judge the Defendant for the alleged crime, but Judge the Law itself for being a Just or Fair Law.
    Everybody should already have this knowledge, but Judges won’t tell Juries about this totally legal option of Jury Nullification so it is up to the individual citizen to know and understand this option if they are ever called into court as a potential Jurror for Jury Duty.
    The Jurror is the last line of defense against a Tyrannical government prosecution system.
    They the Jurrors have the power and authority to not just Judge the Defendent, but also Judge the Law itself as well.

  18. Why did these people do all this stuff to avoid prosecution? Why did the man give up his medicine? If you are going to get arrested protesting, go all the way and go to trial!

    When I was arrested for giving out pot cookies at my protest, I refused to allow any searches before trial or after conviction. This got me released from 18 months probation a year early for non-cooperation.

    Yours in ordered liberty,


  19. I looked on this site to see if I could ask him to prescribe medical marijuana to me instead of the pharmaceutical drugs he has me on for severe pain and anxiety. Well the current politics are against me. So- I will grow my own and self medicate. If I am prosecuted, I will fight for my constitutional rights!

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