NY: Medical marijuana program adds acute pain management as qualifying condition

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On Monday, September 24, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that adds acute pain management to the list of approved conditions eligible for treatment with medical marijuana as an alternative to opioid use. This new law formalizes regulations the New York State Department of Health issued in July, which added opioid replacement and opioid use disorder to the list.

This is great news for patients! Access to medical marijuana is no longer limited to those suffering from chronic pain. This bill and regulations allow more patients who could benefit from medical marijuana a safe and effective alternative to highly addictive opioids.

Find more information on New York’s medical marijuana program, including the list of qualifying conditions and how to register, here.

One response to “NY: Medical marijuana program adds acute pain management as qualifying condition”

  1. This is good, but the NY law is still RIDICULOUS (NY cannabis law has ALWAYS been ridiculous). Cannabis is so harmless, especially relative to many commonly used pharmaceutical drugs (but even relative to nothing at all), that it should be permitted for MOST conditions.

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