NIDA’s Control of the Federal Marijuana Supply is Harming Research

Jun 19, 2014 ,

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has started taking control of the medical research for marijuana and is focusing more on marijuana use patterns rather than its potential benefits, Businessweek reports. NIDA currently serves as the gatekeeper for marijuana’s medical research. NIDA also provides oversight for the farms that grow the plants that can be used in clinical trials. However, advocates say that NIDA’s control over which plants can be used effectively makes it impossible to test the benefits of marijuana on ailments such as cancer-related nausea or epilepsy. Many believe that the supply should not be controlled entirely by one organization.

MPP’s director of federal policies, Dan Riffle, weighed in on this issue. He claimed that the federal researchers aren’t “set up to study potential medical benefits, so it’s inappropriate for NIDA to have a monopoly on supply.” MPP and other marijuana advocates are pushing for the DEA to grant additional growing permits so that marijuana can be researched in conjunction with other diseases. This is partly because of organizations, like the Epilepsy Foundation, that want end restrictions on research for marijuana’s effect on alleviating seizures. With NIDA controlling the supply, there is not enough marijuana to test all of its medical benefits.

4 responses to “NIDA’s Control of the Federal Marijuana Supply is Harming Research”

  1. I believe the research paradigm needs to shift for all “medicines”, Phyto-pharmaceuticals be it single compound creations by big pharma mimics from plant compounds.

    the circle of NIDA, HHS, NIH, FDA, DEA, USDA, Corrections, (on ad-naseum) has to end.
    Our country is buried in Bureaucracies in all aspects not just Cannabis. At some point this system, i keep thinking will collapse. I’ve been seeing government growth outpace private growth.. the systemic nature of this, impacts all aspects of life.
    When people vote for politicians who insist on controlling any aspect of human life, they get what they deserve.
    Repeal Obamacare, shutdown the DEA, NIDA,
    Remove Cannabis from Drug Schedule Period.

  2. Yeah, and!? Hillary Clinton is for more research. I have more follow-up questions from her CNN interview.

    1. Hillary, if you want more research, then why the hell are you not for somebody other than just U Miss being granted permits by the DEA?

    2. Hillary, if you’re for more research, why the hell don’t you pull cannabis out of Schedule I, if not out of the Schedule altogether?

    3. If elected president, will there be payback on the ground in Libya for all the shit Benghazi caused you?

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