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N.H.: Senate rejects home grow bill in 15-9 vote

May 14, 2021

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N.H.: Senate rejects home grow bill in 15-9 vote

Follow up with your senator to say thanks or express your frustration.

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate ignored the needs of patients, voting 15-9 to “table” the medical cannabis home cultivation bill. This means HB 350 will not be considered unless the Senate votes to remove it from the table (which is extremely unlikely). As a result, home cultivation will remain a felony in New Hampshire, with no exception for registered patients and caregivers.

The vote mostly fell along party lines. Seven of the 10 Senate Democrats voted against the hostile motion to table the bill, joined by two of the 14 Senate Republicans. Once again, the three Manchester-area Democratic senators (Kevin Cavanaugh, Lou D'Allesandro, and Donna Soucy) voted against the interests of patients, joining twelve Republicans in support of the motion to table.

Although this is extremely frustrating, we should be grateful to the nine senators who voted against the motion to table: Senators Harold French (R), Jay Kahn (D) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka (D), Suzanne Prentiss (D), John Reagan (R), Cindy Rosenwald (D), Tom Sherman (D), David Watters (D), and Rebecca Whitley (D).

Please take a moment to thank your senator if they voted in favor or express your frustration if they voted to maintain the status quo.

HB 350 would have legalized limited home cultivation for registered patients and caregivers (up to three mature plants, three immature plants, and 12 seedlings per patient). It passed the House in a voice vote after being approved 20-1 in committee. Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed a similar bill in 2019.

A new home cultivation bill will almost certainly be reintroduced in 2022.