N.H.: Medical cannabis home cultivation bill passes House!

Feb 24, 2021

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N.H.: Medical cannabis home cultivation bill passes House!

Email your senator today, then call Governor Chris Sununu’s office and urge him to support HB 350!

Home cultivation of cannabis is a felony in New Hampshire, and there is no exception for registered patients and caregivers. Today, the House of Representatives voted to change that by passing HB 350, a bill that would legalize limited home cultivation for registered patients and caregivers (up to three mature plants, three immature plants, and 12 seedlings per patient).

Please email your state senator today. Then, call Gov. Chris Sununu’s office at 603-271-2021 and urge him to support the bill!

Next, HB 350 will be scheduled for a public hearing in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. Click here for an overview of where the senators on that committee have stood on medical cannabis home cultivation.

If you are a patient who would personally benefit from this bill’s passage, or you are a friend or family member of a patient, please email all five members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee and share your story.

The House has passed home cultivation bills many times in the past, but this time it did so with almost zero opposition. The Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee approved HB 350 in a 20-1 vote, and the House passed it as part of the “consent calendar” without any discussion or debate. The full text of the bill is available here.

Sadly, previous home grow bills have failed to become law despite the House’s support. In 2019, the Senate passed a similar bill (HB 364) in a 14-10 vote, but it was vetoed by Gov. Sununu, and the veto override effort fell three votes short of the required two-thirds in the Senate.

This year, we will need to pressure the Senate and governor in order to achieve a different result. After you email your state senator and call Gov. Sununu’s office, please share this important message with your friends and family!