New York to Become 23rd Medical Marijuana State

Jun 20, 2014 , , ,

Finally, the New York Legislature has adopted an effective medical marijuana law!

Now that the legislature has passed the bill, it’s up to Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to sign it. He was obstructing the bill earlier in the session, but the legislature made several amendments in order to reach a compromise and the governor has indicated he will support it.NewYork_MMJ

Since 2003, MPP has been lobbying alongside allied organizations, patients, and other citizen activists to bring about this victory. Over the last 11 years, MPP has spent nearly $750,000 to pass a medical marijuana law in New York State.

In the early days, we recruited a coalition of more than 1,100 physicians in New York State who endorsed MPP’s legislation. We announced this coalition in a full-page ad in the Albany Times, which made a big splash in the state capitol.

And just a couple weeks ago, MPP produced and aired a pair of TV ads that urged Senate co-leader Dean Skelos (R) and Gov. Cuomo to pass the measure this year.


14 responses to “New York to Become 23rd Medical Marijuana State”

  1. The bill was drawn up by the State Police Commissioner and it reflects the disproven view that marijuana poses a “public safety” risk. Veterans with PTSD and patients with “Lou Gehrig’s” disease, are among the thousands of patients who will not qualify, under this measure. It is a sell-out by the Governor and it is an example where a bad bill is worse than no bill. Now, there will be no pressure brought to bear to pass the right type of bill; one that recognizes this as a health issue for doctors and patients only. Under this law, whenever the State Police decides it is a public safety risk, the Governor will end it immediately without any legislative input or any actual minimal standard. Children who suffer dozens of seizures a day have to wait until 2016 before they can legally get their medicine. Hopefully none of them die waiting, but certainly many many patients will die in the interim. All because the politicians sell the idea that this is a public safety issue, when all it should be is a private health matter between patient and doctor.

  2. I can’t find any solid details, but it looks like the final version of this bill does not allow any actual marijuana, just oils and tinctures like several other states are now “allowing.” And, as I understand it, the governor can cancel the program at any time if law enforcement doesn’t approve. Since they’ve already made it clear they don’t like mmj, I wouldn’t be surprised if LE voiced their disapproval and had the program cancelled as soon as they possibly can. I understand the hoopla, with it being NY and all, but this is really a very small first step, not much more than the research program the governor already approved.

  3. This a bullsh@t bill. Read the fine print & it will show this is just another campaign promise from a politician who has no heart. Andy boy Cuckold Cuomo could care less for the sick & needy. Shame on him. Vote him out this November !
    Now I know what the (D) after Cuomo’s name in the above article stands for…
    it’s ends with …ick

  4. I dont understand how the majority of ny say it is ok to legalize, why some shmuck the people voted in is refusing to comply. its more of a safety issue to the public if it is kept illegial, just think of all the drug dealers still making a profit,and where does that money go. cuomo is not very bright playing on media hype to score points with voters. just look at his great istop program that was so great, all that did was make doctors profile patients to be criminals because theyre too afraid to write a script for painkillers. now were left with hundreds of people dying from heroin and a new war on drugs that could have all been avoided. his shallow actions caused hundreds of deaths and caused more damage to the community, by allowing drug runners to capitalize on demand for narcotics, great job cuomo. vote him out he cares not for the community

  5. If Larry Harvey, at the age of 70, with his gout and high blood pressure and bum knee, gets the mandatory 10-year term, he’s likely to die in prison, certainly not the last casualty of the assault on our citizens known as the War on Drugs. For him, freedom is just another word his congresswoman likes to throw around on the Fourth of July. – Tim Egan@ The New York Times

  6. At first i was thrilled to hear mm was passing in ny. If the comments are true, that they will only rule for hash oil and tictures! What kind of hollow victory is that? Even when they legalize mm, the cost of finding and using drs and dispensaries and the license you buy every year is cost prohibitive. Sick people arent well off, mainly because they cant work!!!!! Duh! We have mm in my state but its so far away that i cant make a 9hr both ways trip. I cant drive!!!! Its extremely difficult. Insurance wont pay and neither will i!!!! So sad….

  7. I just moved back to NYS this past year. I have now kept my eye on Cuomo. I don’t think he could make a solid, sensible decision, if his life depended on it. While other politicians in other states have the balls to actually do something for the people of their state, Cuomo has the spine of a jelly fish. He has chased jobs OUT of the state, people OUT of the state, and tax money OUT of the state. This just seems like more of the same of what has gone on for years here in the empire state. What I would like to know is, who is pulling the strings. It doesn’t seem to matter who is in office. They all have been ineffective, and have done nothing to bring NYS the prosperity it deserves.

  8. I am becoming disillusioned by the laws u are helping to pass. These stipulations don’t help people like me with PTSD, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and fibromyalgia. It reminds me of the Republicans when you are saying you are keeping your base happy. Just because u get some kind of marijuana law passed is doing a disservice to the majority of the people who need you to get these laws right the first time. We need to be able to smoke or ingest the medicine and poor people like me need to be allowed to grow a small amount of plants. These are not good laws you are getting passed because they only help the very few. That is not supposed to be our goal. If you can’t get comprehensive bills pasted then keep at it until you get it right. We don’t need halfway laws. We need them to be done right the first time. Don’t do what the Republicans try to do and just pass partial bills. Do it right the first time for all of us or don’t do it at all. I am very disappointed about the NY law. It’s not even workable. Stop wasting our time with states you can’t win over and go to the ones that you can. There is a lot of money to be made in this industry, and you need to let the states know that getting on board now with the program will bring tons of revenue to their state. Play to Republicans greediness.

  9. This bill should be refused by the people of NY. There is nothing to celebrate. Cuomo is buying off the people of NY by selling them short. Where in the US constitution does it say government has the right to tell people what they can put into their own bodies? As a personal protest I left the Democratic Party and will joyfully work to vote Cuomo out of office. Now is the time for solidarity. All those of us who know the truth on this issue need to come together and tell Albany if you continue to harass the people of our state who smoke cannabis and if you continue to allow law enforcement to play doctor you’ll be gone come next election.

  10. Exactly, Coumo is working for Big Pharma, Alcohol, DEA and the Police State of New York; vote him out, however, he is part of a scheme to end organic marijuana legalization at all levels
    (synthetic for the drug makers to profit from) makes it a big crime to grow your own or possess organic that works, and is going to try to take it to the White House.

  11. Well said,Nancy Gallagher!

    MPP is helping pass halfass laws.

    No thing can be half legal.

    I am losing faith in MPP as well…they created the felon exclusion in Illinois’s law to ,as they claim, to “placate” Republicans.

    I’m beginning to wonder for whom MPP is really working?

    Decriminalization is half assed.

    Legalization with a host of restrictions and rapacious prices minus the freedom to grow our own is not the same thing as ending cannabis prohibition.

    These half ass “laws” mostly benefit the wealthy and often penalize the poor…once again…in 1%er wholly owned and operated “America”.

    Who does MPP really represent?

    Certainly not me!

    I worked for ten years doing my best to change Illinois cannabis laws only to find out ,at the very last minute, that I would be excluded from the program due to a more than twenty year old cannabis felony.

    I was asked to testify at the Illinois hearings by Dan Riffle…who told me he would end the felon exclusion, “sooner rather than later”…How is that effort going, Dan?

    Should I expect to legally receive the medicine I need before I die?

    I have the distinct impression MPP needs supporters as long as they need them…and not one minute longer.

    Illinois’s law is the most restrictive medical cannabis law in the Nation… brought to you by MPP.

    As for me, I say thanks for nothing!

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