New York Could Add PTSD to Qualifying Conditions

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New York recently expanded its medical marijuana program by adding chronic pain, but there is an important group of patients who are still left out — those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Twenty-four of the 29 states with medical marijuana programs allow patients with PTSD to qualify, but New York still does not. A 7006 and S 5629 would change that; please ask your legislators to support these bills.

Last week, the Assembly Health Committee voted unanimously to approve A 7006, and it now heads to the Assembly floor.

There are only two drugs that are FDA-approved to treat PTSD, and neither has been shown to be more effective than a placebo. Both of these drugs, and others commonly prescribed “off-label,” have dangerous side effects that cannabis does not. Many veterans — including an estimated 20% of those who served in Iraq — suffer from PTSD, which leads to the tragically high suicide rate among returning veterans. Shouldn’t those who have served our country have access to any treatment that might help ease their suffering?

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  1. This is plan wrong,our veterans fight for our country ,come home missing parts,the family of service killed at times right before their eyes and why wouldn’t they want to stay and retire ,we treat them like cap when they come home many no money, homes,food,medical,out sleeping in street alleys etc,we treat aur welfare with food ,home,money food electric,medical for the family ,and almost everything to live is paid for,and from us tax payers,some of these people belly ache from pain and other things to get approved,but our soldiers who have seen so much trauma that it’s impossible to not think ,without memories that will be forever,and because they can’t deal with it they do the one thing to shut it off,medical marijunna could benifit them in more ways then one ,don’t you think they deal with conic pain daily for what they’ve been physically been threw,yes but they’ve been trained and brain washed you don’t let pain get in your way of anything because it could cost them their lives,as it does when they come home,but their way of living will always be with them,time to help our men and women who have done so much for us,then others who do nothing and benifit.

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