New Jersey: Urge Gov. Murphy to immediately allow home delivery

May 01, 2020

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New Jersey: Urge Gov. Murphy to immediately allow home delivery

Ask Gov. Murphy to ensure safe access for medical cannabis patients.

On March 21, Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration took an important step to preserve safe access to medical marijuana by declaring New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Program an essential service. Later that month, his administration issued waivers providing for curbside pick-up, remote consultations, and expedited employee on-boarding. While MPP applauds Gov. Murphy’s decisive emergency action, there is still a need for additional pathways to medical marijuana that comport with social distancing guidelines.

Heeding the advice of COVID-19 experts that the elderly and immunocompromised use a delivery service if possible, several states have authorized home delivery through executive order, including Louisiana and neighboring Delaware. Prior to COVID-19, 18 states already allowed for home delivery of medical cannabis.

In 2019, the New Jersey Legislature authorized home delivery in a bill that made improvements to the state’s medical marijuana program. Unfortunately, the Murphy administration has yet to issue regulations for the delivery provisions of the statute.

We urge Gov. Murphy’s administration to immediately promulgate regulations for home delivery to medical marijuana patients. As New Jersey amplifies its focus on limiting the spread of the virus, it is increasingly vital to offer medical cannabis patients the option of home delivery.

Please join us by writing Gov. Murphy in support of home delivery. You can go the extra mile by spreading the word to others, calling his office at 609-292-6000, or making an appeal on Twitter.

We wish you and your loved ones well during these difficult times.